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Louis G. Destremps Born 1851 Montreal, Canada Died 1916 Fall River, Massachusetts Nationality USA Known for Architect Louis G. Destremps, (1851–1916) was a Canadian-American architect who worked extensively with the Roman Catholic Church and other clients in Fall River, Massachusetts. Contents 1 Early life and architectural training 2 Architectural practice 3 Works include 4 References Early life and architectural training Destremps, was born in Montreal, Canada, May 9, 1851. He received his early educational training in his native city. In 1870 he came with his parents to Pittsfield, Mass., remaining there six months, when they moved to Woonsocket, RI. In 1872 his parents returned to Canada and Louis came to Fall River, where he worked as a carpenter. In 1875, when a great fire occurred at St. John's, Canada, he went there and followed his trade until 1881, when he went to New York to study architecture at Sixth Avenue High School, from which he graduated, completing the 4 year course. Architectural practice In 1885 Destremps moved to Fall River and set up his architectural firm. Between 1888 and 1889 he relocated temporarily to Newport, Rhode Island, where he was architect for the State Agricultural College at Kingston. In later years he would design many large structures in Fall River. Destremps was frequently employed as supervising architect for the work of other architects, commonly from Canada. His own masterpiece, Notre Dame De Lourdes Church in Fall River, Massachusetts was destroyed in a 4-alarm fire in 1982. The event was reported in the news media throughout New England.[1] Works include Orpheum Theatre and French Sharp Shooters Hall, New Bedford, Massachusetts (exists, awaiting restoration)[2][3][4] StarStore Building, New Bedford, Massachusetts St. Matthew Church and rectory, Fall River, Massachusetts (demolished, urban renewal) Jesus of Mary Convent, Fall River, Massachusetts (converted to apartments) Convent for Dominican Sisters, Fall River, Massachusetts St. Joseph's Orphanage, Fall River, Massachusetts Fall River armory, Fall River, Massachusetts supervising architect Notre Dame de Lourdes Church, Fall River, Massachusetts (Destremp’s masterpiece, burned 1982) Notre Dame School, Fall River, Massachusetts St. Ann's Shrine, Fall River, Massachusetts supervising architect St. Anthony Church, New Bedford, Massachusetts supervising architect New Bedford Elks Club, New Bedford, Massachusetts (at 7 stories, the tallest building in New Bedford at the time) Bark Street School, Swansea, MA References ^ Notre Dame De Lourdes Memorial Book, containing images of the church and the fire that destroyed it. ^ Orpheum Theatre, New Bedford Massachusetts ^ New Bedford Orpheum Theater, Cinema Treasures,  ^ Cinema Treasures article on Orpheum Persondata Name Destremps, Louis G. Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1851 Place of birth Montreal, Canada Date of death 1916 Place of death Fall River Massachusetts