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see also the German site of Wikipedia Logo des All Sports Team Hannover The All Sports Team Hannover is a dragon boat team of the Hannoverschen Kanuclub v. 1921 e.V. from Germany. The team has both a Mixed-Team (min. 8 paddling women) and an Open-Team (only men). Up to now the team has won 20 German Championship titles. Contents 1 History 2 Representing the state Lower Saxony 3 Titles and Success 4 Weblinks 5 References History The team was founded in year 2000 by Denis Starke[1] during the dragon races in Hannover which takes place yearly on Whitsundays. The teams name is based upon the variety of sportsmen, who have been the core of the team at the early beginning. The paddlers were chosen for the team Verein zur Förderung des Spitzensports (Supporters club of top sports). This organization supported top sportsmen and women in many different sport activities. To improve the relationship among themselves and to have fun together the club sent regularly a fun team to the Whitsunday dragon boat races in Hanover. After winning several times the fun team titles some sportsmen decided to do dragon boat racing seriously and to join the canoe club HKC. So initially were handball players, judo fighters, rugby players, water polo players, dancers, swimmers, dart players and also some paddlers in the boat of the All Sports Team. The ambition in combination with the sportive talent of the outsiders together with the know-how of the canoe top sports men was the basis for the ongoing success of the All Sports Team. The training course is the Maschsee, a lake in the middle of Hanover city. Foto finish German Championship 2007, less than 1/100 of a second ahead of Drag Attack Wuppertal The All Sports Team was highly involved in the technical development of dragon boat sport in Germany, because it is practicing the Hybrid Exit, a special paddling style. Representing the state Lower Saxony The most prominent paddler of the All Sports Team and during the 10-years-aniversary celebration in 2010 becoming honorary member, is the home secretary and sports minister Uwe Schünemann. He joins regularly the Unification Day Cup dragon boat races on the occasion of the German Unity Day dragon boat races. The first races took place on October 3rd in 2007. The All Sports Team represents the state Lower Saxony and won the cup already three times.[2] Titles and Success Achived solely in senior and premium classes (under the age of 40)[3][4] 2011 German Indoor-Championships in Minden: 1 x Bronze Mixed[5] German long-distance championships in Oberhausen: 1 x Gold (Mixed 21 km)[6] 2010 European Championship of Nations in Amsterdam (EDBF), with paddlers of the All Sports Teams and as national coach Denis Starke: 1 x Gold (Mixed 200m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 500m), 1 x Bronze (Mixed 2000m)[7] German Championship in Mainz (DDV): 1 x Gold (Mixed 500m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 200m), 3 x Bronze (Mixed 2000m; Open 500m, 2000m) German Indoor-Championship in Minden: 1 x Silver Mixed[8] 2009 2. Place in Team of the Year in Lower Saxony people's voting [9][10] EDBF - Club-Crew European Championship in Budapest, Hungary : 2 x Gold (Mixed 2000m, 500m), 1 x Bronze (Mixed 200m)[11] World Championships of IDBF (International Dragon Boat Federation) of nations in Prague with paddlers of the All Sports Teams and as national coach Denis Starke: 1 x Silver (Mixed 500m), 1 x Bronze (Mixed 200m)[12] German Championship in Friedersdorf (DDV): 1 x Gold (Mixed 2000m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 500m) German Championship in Munich (DKV): 1 x Gold (Mixed 500m), 2 x Silver (Mixed 200m, 2000m), 1 x Bronze (Open 200m)[13] 2008 Euro - League Races Frankfurt: 1 x Gold (Mixed 1.000m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 5 x 250m)[14] German Championship in Berlin-Gruenau (DKV): 2 x Gold (Mixed 200m, 500m), 3 x Silver (Mixed 2.000m ; Open 2.000m, 500m), 1 x Bronze (Open 200m)[15] German Championship in Werder (DDV): 1 x Gold (Mixed 2000m), 2 x Silver (Mixed 200m, 460m) 2007 ICF (International Canoe Federation) - Club-Crew World Championships in Gérardmer, France: 2 x Silber (Mixed 200m, 1.000m)[16] German Championship (DKV) in Munich: 3 x Gold (Mixed 200m, 500m ; Open 200m), 3 x Silver (Mixed 2000m ; Open 500m, 2000m)[17] World Games 2005 2006 ICF - Club Crew European Championship in Poznan, Poland: 1 x Gold (Mixed 2.000m, inofficial championship), 1 x Bronze (Mixed 200m) German Championship (DKV) in Brandenburg: 1 x Gold (Mixed 500m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 200m)[18] 2005 World Games (ICF) in Duisburg - All Sports Team is German Nationalteam 1: 1 x Bronze (Mixed 500m)[19] IDBF - World Championships in Berlin - All Sports Team is German Nationalteam: 2 x Bronze (Mixed 200m, 2.000m)[20] ICF -Club-Crew World Championships in Schwerin: 1 x Silver (Mixed 250m), 2 x Bronze (Mixed 500m, 2.000m) German Championship (DKV) in Duisburg: 1 x Gold (Open 200m), 2 x Silver (Open 500m, 1.000m), 3 x Bronze (Mixed 200m, 500m, 1.000m) 2004 Shanghai 2004, All Sports Team wins Silver IDBF - World Championships in Shanghai, China - All Sports Team is German Nationalteam: 1 x Silver (Mixed 200m)[21] IDBF - Club-Crew World Championships in Cape Town, South Africa: 2 x (Mixed 200m, 420m)[22] German Championship in Brandenburg (DKV): 3 x Gold (Mixed 250m, 500m, Open 250m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 1.000m), 2 x Bronze (Open 500m, 1.000m) German Championship (DDV) in Schwerin: 3 x Gold (Mixed 250m, 500m, 1.000m) 2003 EDBF -Club Crew European Championship in Italy: 2 x Gold (Mixed 250m, 500m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 2.000m)[23] German Championship (DDV) in Berlin: 2 x Gold (Mixed 250m, 1.000m), 1 x Silver (Mixed 500m) 2002 German Championship (DDV) in Schierstein: 2x Silver (Mixed 250m, 1.000m) Winner of the DDV – Cup in Mixed and Open Class 2001 German Championship (DDV) in Munich, first participation on a German Championship: 1 x Silver (Mixed 1.000m), 1 x Bronze (Open 250m) Weblinks Homepage All Sports Team Hannover HKC von 1921 e.V. Whitsunday Dragon Boat Races in Hannover German Indoor-Championship 2011 in Minden on youtube References ^ Homepage Denis Starke ^ Homepage Home Secretary and Sports Minister of Lower Saxony ^ Deutscher Drachenbootverband, Results German Championships ^ Deutscher Kanuverband, Results German Championships ^ German Indoor-Championship 2011 at ^ German Long-Distance Championship 2011 ^ Results European Championships Amsterdam 2010 ^ German Indoor-Championship 2010 at ^ Team of the Year 2009 in Lower Saxony (DDV homepage) ^ Team of the Year 2009 in Lower Saxony (All Sports Team homepage) ^ Results Club-Crew European Championships Budapest 2009 ^ Results World Championships Prague 2009 ^ Results German Championships Munich 2009 ^ Results Euro-League Races Frankfurt 2008 ^ Results German Championship Berlin-Gruenau 2008 ^ Results Club-Crew World Championships Gerardmer 2007 ^ Results German Championship Munich 2007 ^ Results German Championship Brandenburg 2006 ^ Results World Games Duisburg 2005 ^ Results World Championships Berlin 2005 ^ Results World Championships Shanghai 2004 ^ Results Club-Crew World Championships Cape Town 2004 ^ Results Club-Crew European Championship Auronzo 2003