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Black Muscat Grape (Vitis) Rudolf Goethe: Handbuch der Tafeltraubenkultur Species Vitis vinifera Also called Golden Hamburg, Muscat Hamburg, Black Hamburg (US); Muscat de Hambourg (France); Moscato di Amburgo (Italy; Muscat Gamburgskiy (Russia) Origin Germany Notable regions California, Virginia, Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Island, India, China, Eastern Europe Black Muscat is a Vitis vinifera grape variety derived from the crossing of the Schiava Grossa and Muscat of Alexandria varieties. It is known under a variety of local names such as Golden Hamburg, and Black Hamburg in the US; Muscat de Hambourg (or Hamburgh) in France; Moscato di Amburgo in Italy; and Muscat Gamburgskiy in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. Confusingly, Black Hamburg is also used as a synonym for its maternal parent. It is commonly produced as table wine but in California's Central Valley it has been used in the production of dessert wine. As a dessert wine it can be highly aromatic with a rich coloring. In the US it is grown in wine appellations in California, Virginia, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. In Canada, it is also found on Vancouver Island. [1] In France, the grape is used chiefly as a component of fruit baskets. In Eastern Europe, the grape produces a light, dry red wine. It is also starting to gain popularity as a table wine component in China. [2] Horticulturist Walter Clore has postulated that this grape might have been one of the first Vitis vinifera varieties planted in Washington State in the early 19th century. [3] References ^ Appellation America Grape details ^ Jancis Robinson Vines, Grapes & Wine pg 188 Octopus Publishing 1986 ISBN 978-1-85732-999-5 ^ R. Irvine & W. Clore The Wine Project pg 38 Sketch Publications 1997 ISBN 978-0-9650834-9-2