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This article is about the 1992 film. For the 1847 novel by Emily Brontë, see Wuthering Heights. For other uses, see Wuthering Heights (disambiguation). Wuthering Heights © 1992 Paramount Pictures Directed by Peter Kosminsky Produced by Simon Bosanquet Mary Selway Chris Thompson Written by Anne Devlin Emily Brontë (book) Starring Juliette Binoche Ralph Fiennes Janet McTeer Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto Cinematography Mike Southon Editing by Tony Lawson Distributed by Paramount Pictures Release date(s) 1992 Running time 105 minutes Country UK Language English Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights was a 1992 feature film adaptation of Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights. Paramount Pictures was forced to use the author's name in the title of the film as Samuel Goldwyn Studio (later sold to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) owned the rights to the simple title Wuthering Heights due to the copyright on their 1939 film version of the novel. The film stars Ralph Fiennes as the tortured Heathcliff and Juliette Binoche as the free spirited Catherine Earnshaw. The role of Heathcliff opened up doors for Ralph Fiennes to play Amon Göth in Schindler's List. American director Steven Spielberg claimed he liked Fiennes for Göth because of his "dark sexuality". Main cast Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff Juliette Binoche as Cathy Earnshaw Linton (and later as Catherine Linton, Cathy's daughter) Jeremy Northam as Hindley Earnshaw Simon Shepherd as Edgar Linton Sophie Ward as Isabella Linton Janet McTeer as Nelly Dean Jason Riddington as Hareton Earnshaw Jonathan Firth as Linton Heathcliff Sinéad O'Connor as Emily Bronte Differences between the novel and the film In the film, Heathcliff is approximately 12 when Mr Earnshaw brings him to Wuthering Heights. In the novel, he is approximately 7. Catherine Linton does not look like Catherine Earnshaw in the novel; she is more similar in appearance to her father, Edgar Linton Catherine Earnshaw does not know she is pregnant with Catherine Linton, due to her mental illness Catherine Linton's story is shortened. In the novel, she first meets Hareton when she is twelve years old, later she has many visits with Linton Heathcliff; in the film, she meets Hareton for the first time in the one visit she has at Wuthering Heights which leads to her being forced into marriage with Linton Heathcliff. In the book, Catherine Earnshaw dies only a couple of hours after the birth of Cathy. In the movie, she and Heathcliff share one final meeting after she has given birth. In the book, Heathcliff casts Edgar's hair out of the locket after Catherine's death and replaces it with his own, only for Nelly to entwine Edgar's discarded hair with Heathcliff's. In the movie, the locket is visible in Cathy's hands, but the scene is omitted. In the book, Nelly is involved in everything that happens and all the turn of events; in the film, she has a small supporting role. In the book, Isabella is a blonde; in the film, she has auburn red hair. When Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff first meet each other, Catherine spits on him in disgust; in the film, she looks into his eyes in a tender, melodramatic way. In the book, Hindley Earnshaw is an extreme alcoholic who completely ruins his life. In the film, he has a quite small part, and is not depicted in a grotesque way in the least bit. In the film, Catherine and Heathcliff seem to be adults throughout the whole film; in the novel, Catherine returns to Wuthering Heights from Thrushcross Grange when she is only about thirteen years old. External links Wuthering Heights at the Internet Movie Database v · d · eEmily Brontë 's Wuthering Heights Characters Heathcliff • Catherine Earnshaw • Edgar Linton • Isabella Linton • Hindley Earnshaw • Ellen (Nelly) Dean • Frances Earnshaw • Hareton Earnshaw • Catherine Linton • Linton Heathcliff • Joseph (Wuthering Heights) • Lockwood (Wuthering Heights) • Minor Characters in “Wuthering Heights” Film adaptations Wuthering Heights (1939 film) • Wuthering Heights (1967) miniseries • Wuthering Heights (1970 film) • Wuthering Heights (1978) miniseries • Wuthering Heights (1988 film) • Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights • Wuthering Heights (1998 film) • Wuthering Heights (2003 film) • Wuthering Heights (2009 television serial) • Wuthering Heights (2011 film) • List of Wuthering Heights adaptations