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Not to be confused with Area 51. Area51 Origin Japan Genres Neo-classical metal, power metal, progressive metal Years active 2003–present Website Official Site Members Kate Cain Yoichiro Ishino Area51 (typeset as AREA51) is a Neo-classical metal band from Japan formed by guitarist Yoichiro Ishino. Yoichiro Ishino writes all the music, while Kate Cain writes the lyrics. The songs are written in Japanese and the lyrical themes are love, life, and courage. One notable thing about Area51 is that on their 2008 album, Daemonicus, heavy metal singer Rob Rock (Impellitteri) provides guest vocals on the song "Lord Knows". Contents 1 Biography 2 Band members 2.1 Current members 2.2 Session/Live musicians 2.3 Former members 3 Discography 3.1 Albums 3.2 Singles 3.3 EP 3.4 Demo 4 See also 5 References 6 External links // Biography Yoichiro Ishino began playing guitar in high school, which he claims that the Beatles were his biggest influence at the time. Later on, he witnesses heavy metal, by which Yoichiro claims that Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force "did it for me".[1] Yoichiro's biggest influences are Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius, Revolution Renaissance), Chris Impellitteri (Impellitteri) and Michael Romeo (Symphony X). Yoichiro considered female vocals prior to the start of the band because he felt that the female expression would be a perfect match for his music. Yoichiro attempted to get a band for a few years after high school. After many failures, he decided to quit for 2 years and eventually he continued and formed Area51. The band mainly formed when Kensuke Imai joined as the drummer. Area51 would spend 2 years looking for a vocalist. At the time, Kate was an unsigned pop singer, who listened to visual kei as well, but had no interest in metal (though later on, she did become a fan of Stratovarius). Kate was willing to try a new style of music and had many demos sent to her, of which Yoichiro's style she liked the most and decided to join as the vocalist. Yoichiro states in an interview about Kate "this may sound strange, but it’s actually very important not to have the same metal background, for the chemistry. If everyone was only into metal, our sound philosophy would be quite limited, don’t you think? For all of us to always be open to new possibilities, her background and inputs are essential for us as a band."[1] Area51 relies heavily on J-Music Ignited for foreign promotion. While their albums are sold in stores in Japan, other countries mainly buy their albums through iTunes Store. iTunes Store allows for people in 22 countries to buy their albums. In 2005, Area51 released their debut album Ankh. Ankh slowly earned Area51 popularity in Japan and eventually in Brazil as well (eventually, the official website had to put up a Portuguese version of the site for Brazilian fans). Area51's MySpace states that they are signed to a record label called "aprights". The band did many gigs in Japan and planned a Brazil tour which was eventually canceled. In 2007, their first single "Close To... -You and Me-" would be released as a taste of what to expect for the next album. The album, Daemonicus, was released in Japan on March 5, 2008 and March 26 on iTunes Store. The music on Daemonicus is slightly more progressive in sound than their debut album. In 2009, Zin Kawai was discharged from the band due to connection issues and Takeshi Ochi left the band due to an illness.[2] Also, You Yamauchi is no longer an official member of the band but will continue to work as a studio/live drummer. Yamauchi wishes to play for many bands and not be solely committed to Area51. Thus, leaving Kate Cain and Yoichiro Ishino as the only members. On March 24, 2010, they released their third album, Goddess. Band members Current members Kate Cain – vocals Yoichiro Ishino – guitars Session/Live musicians You Yamauchi – drums Former members Takeshi Ochi – keyboards Junichi Ohtsuka – keyboards (Wizard's Hymn) Zin Kawai – bass Yoshihiro Yoshida – bass Koji Yamaya – bass Masashi Ninagawa – drums Kensuke Imai – drums (Wizard's Hymn) Taro – vocals Rubi – vocals Discography Albums Ankh (August 8, 2005) Daemonicus (March 5, 2008) Goddess (March 24, 2010) Singles "Extend Wings/Sky Above Clouds" (2004) "Close To... -You and Me-" (October 31, 2007) "Sincerity" (November 4, 2009) "Marionette" (December 16, 2009) EP Area 51 -Limited Brazilian Tour Edition- (February 13, 2008) Brazil only release, includes five songs from Ankh. Demo "Area51 Demo CD" (2003) See also Wizard's Hymn References ^ a b [1] Area51 MySpace Yoichiro Ishino interview at J-Music Ignited J-Pop World interview External links Official website Official Facebook Official Twitter Official MySpace