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The European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) is an umbrella organization for 34 national Jewish student unions in Europe and the FSU, representing over 200,000 Jewish students. Cognizant of the religious, linguistic and cultural diversity that make up the European Jewish community, EUJS strives to present a variety of perspectives through its leadership training programs, educational seminars, and international conferences, all tailor-made to the needs of its students. Throughout its history, EUJS has placed itself at the cutting edge of inter-cultural and inter-religious programming, as well as programming related to genocide education, advocacy, and Jewish continuity in Europe. In contrast to the view that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, EUJS operates on the basis that the students which it serves and represents have a duty to act as leaders today, paving the way for a future infused with a strong Jewish identity and a commitment to the humanistic ideals embraced by Judaism. Since its founding in 1978 the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) has been at the forefront of ensuring a Jewish future in Europe. Its vibrant student community has been paving the way for democracy, pluralism and inclusiveness throughout the continent – traveling to the FSU before the fall of the Berlin Wall, demonstrating in Durban, bringing the first international Jewish conference to Turkey, reinvigorating student Jewish life in Serbia immediately after the fall of Milosevic. EUJS has been at the forefront of mobilizing Jewish student and youth leaders in Eastern Europe, and has been among the first organizations to do so after the fall of the Berlin Wall, in the belief that a strong European Jewish community must incorporate these neglected communities. Today EUJS students and young adults serve the civic society in Europe with a strong and persistent voice, instilling the values embedded in Judaism into the broader society on the continent. EUJS is a constituent member of the European Youth Forum, the leading platform for more than 90 national youth councils and international NGOs, and is the only Jewish organization represented at that level. It is supported by the Council of Europe, the European Commission, all recognized Jewish organizations, and is a member of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS). EUJS is one of the largest international student organizations worldwide and the first Jewish Youth NGO to obtain the special Consultative Status to the ECOSOC of the United Nations. Its annual programming includes the largest annual event for Jewish youth in Europe - Summer University, as well as international, inter-religious, inter-generational seminars, study sessions at the European Youth Centre, and cutting edge work that puts it at the forefront of the European context. Full members status is held to the European Youth Forum (YFJ) which operates within the Council of Europe and European Union areas and works closely with both these bodies. Member unions include United Kingdom: Union of Jewish Students (UJS) France: Union des étudiants juifs de France (UEJF) Belgium: Union des Étudiants Juifs de Belgique (UEJB) Switzerland: Swiss Union of Jewish Students (SUJS) External links European Union of Jewish Students Summer University