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This quotation from the Tamil film Chandramukhi has gained popularity [1] as an expression to denote irony or a surprise. In the movie, actor Prabhu Ganesan exclaims this to his friend Saravanan, portrayed by Rajinikanth. "Enna Kodumai Saravanan Idhu" (என்ன கொடுமை சரவணன் இது) literally means 'Saravanan! What an atrocity this is?' and is roughly the equivalent of the English expression, "What the heck?" A variant of this, "Enna Kodumai Sir," was used in a subsequent movie, Chennai 28. [2] In Sivaji: The Boss, actor Livingstone uses the variant "Enna Kodomai Saravanan Sir." Enna Kodumai Saravanan Ithu is also abbreviated to "EKSI" in chat and SMS language. See also Chat language Text messaging References ^ "Prabhu’s penchant for comedy is well known. "I hope I get to play light roles. Incidentally, I quite like the way in which these young actors have made a joke of my serious line in ‘Chandramukhi’ — ‘Enna Kodumai Saravana Idhu.'" ^ "It is worth a mention here that the director, in his debut venture Chennai 28, had modified the famous “Enna Kodumai Saravanan” dialogue in Chandramukhi to “Enna Kodumai Sir,” which was well received by the audience."