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Perfection is a game by the Milton Bradley company. The object is to put all the pieces into matching holes on the board (pushed down) before a time limit runs out. When time runs out, the board springs up, causing all or at least many of the pieces to fly out. In the most common version, there are 25 pieces to be placed within 60 seconds. An advanced version, Superfection, required players to place a much greater number of pieces within the time limit. Jingles The original commercials for Perfection in the 1970s were sung by a female chorus, with the following lyrics: The Game is Perfection "(here's how it goes)" You have to be quick "(So keep on your toes)" Press the plunger down, Set the timer, put the pieces in place. But don't be slow. Cause with perfection you gotta move real fast, move real fast! Before the pieces pop up before you put in the last and that's perfection. These were also the lyrics used in the 1970s commercials. When you're into Perfection, keep on your toes You have to be quick, 'cuz here how it goes Push the plunger down, set the timer Put the pieces in place, don't be slow In Perfection, you've gotta move on fast, move on fast Or the pieces pop out before you put in the last And that's Perfection. In 1992, the game was relaunched with a new jingle, "Pop Goes Perfection", to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel" with the following lyrics: Put the pieces into the slot make the right selection but be QUICK! You're racing the clock POW! Pop goes Perfection! This piece here and that piece there Put those pieces EVERYWHERE! But be quick, or beware POW! Pop goes Perfection! In addition to the new jingle, in 1996, the game has gained a new look, with a man singing the song and the Perfection pieces would pop out of his stomach. The man looked like Jay Leno or Flabber from Beetleborgs. This commercial first aired on Nickelodeon, then on YTV. References Perfection at BoardGameGeek Perfection at TV Cream v • d • e Hasbro Toys Baby Alive · Clipo · Disney · Easy-Bake · FurReal Friends · G.I. Joe · Glo Worm · Idaten Jump · iDog · Indiana Jones · Iron Man · Jurassic Park · Lite-Brite · Littlest Pet Shop · Martian Matter · Marvel Legends · Marvel Super Hero Squad · Marvel Universe · Mighty Muggs · Mr. Potato Head · My Little Pony · Nerf · Nickelodeon · Play-Doh · Playskool · Rubik's Cube · Sid the Science Kid · Sit 'n Spin · Spider-Man Classics · Spirograph · Star Wars · Strawberry Shortcake · Super Soaker · The Simpsons · Tinkertoy · Tonka · Transformers · Wolverine and the X-Men · X-Men Origins: Wolverine Games Aggravation · Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? · Axis & Allies · Barrel of Monkeys · Battleship · Boggle · Bop It · Buckaroo · Candy Land · Catch Phrase · Chutes & Ladders · CirKis · Cluedo · Connect 4 · Cootie · Cranium · Crazy Old Fish War · Crocodile Dentist · Cuponk · Dart Tag · Designer's World · Duel Masters · Dungeons & Dragons · Elefun · Funglish · Gator Golf · Girl Talk · Guess Who? · Guesstures · Hi Ho! Cherry-O · Hungry Hungry Hippos · Jenga · Lazer Tag · Magic: The Gathering · Mall Madness · Memory · Milton · Monopoly · Mouse Trap · Mystery Date · Operation · Ouija · Parcheesi · Partini · Perfection · Pictionary · Pictureka! · Pretty Pretty Princess · Risk · Rook · Scattergories · Scrabble (US) · Simon · Sorry! · Stratego · Taboo · The Game of Life · The Game of Things... · Trivial Pursuit · Trouble · Twister · Upwords · Yahtzee Divisions The Hub (50%) · Wizards of the Coast Former and defunct divisions ESPN (62%) · Discovery Kids (40%) This board game-related article or section is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e