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Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet is a comic strip by Peter Zale about a technically adept young woman who works at a technology firm. Helen is a "tyrannical genius", a woman too young and too smart and too messed up by her precocity to ever live a normal life. In 1998 Zale and Christopher Baldwin created what is believed to be the "first Internet comics crossover" with the webcomic Bruno.[1] Zale drew her as a very intelligent[1] buxom blond bombshell, essentially casting her against the "dumb blonde" stereotype. Her looks, though, meant almost nothing to her, and her femininity only occurred to her as an afterthought and was usually applied with more aggressiveness than any man had ever seen, mostly upon her on-again/off-again boyfriend Spencer Green, a character Zale purloined from a strip he syndicated with the College Press in the early 90s. Helen's programming skills and warped use of them led to being defined as a modern day mad scientist. Such things as making artificial intelligences without thinking it odd are common throughout the series An early friendship with Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Mike Peters pushed Zale into strip cartooning and away from his first love, comic books. He published his first continuing comic strips in The Chicago Maroon while an undergraduate at The University of Chicago. "Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet" started as an online-only comic in June 1996. The strip grew in popularity, receiving write-ups in such publications as The New York Times, New Straits Times,[1] HOW..., The Plain Dealer and was finally syndicated by Tribune Media in 2000 simultaneous with McGraw-Hill's publishing a collection of Zale's Helen cartoons called Techies Unite. Peter Zale went on sabbatical from writing the strip on December 26th, 2005 to finish his MBA studies. References ^ a b c Menefee, Craig (1998-03-19). "Comic Strips Crossover On The Net". New Straits Times. "It lasted two weeks ... thousands of views a day"  External links Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet official website v · d · eAndrews McMeel Universal Andrews McMeel  · Universal Uclick (Universal Press Syndicate  · Uclick)  · AMUSE Comic strips Adam@home · Argyle Sweater · Baker Street Puzzle · Baldo · Biographic · Brainwaves · Cleats · Close to Home · Condorito · Cornered · Cul de Sac · Doonesbury · The Duplex · The Elderberries · The 5th Wave · The Flying McCoys · For Better or For Worse · FoxTrot · Fred Basset · The Fusco Brothers · Garfield · Gaturro · Ginger Meggs · Heart of the City · In the Bleachers · In the Sticks · Ink Pen · James Bond · Judge Dredd · Kudzu · La Cucaracha · Liō · Magic in a Minute · Merlin's World of Marvels · Mutt and Jeff · Non Sequitur · Overboard · Peanuts · Pepe · Pooch Café · Real Life Adventures · Red and Rover · Ronaldinho Gaucho · Stone Soup · Tank McNamara · Tom the Dancing Bug · W. T. Duck · You Can With Beakman and Jax · Ziggy Editorial cartoons Tony Auth · Bad Reporter · Stuart Carlson · Lalo Alcaraz · Glenn McCoy · Pat Oliphant · Ted Rall · Ben Sargent · Tom Toles · Kerry Waghorn Editorial/ commentary Ann Coulter · Maggie Gallagher · Georgie Anne Geyer · Ted Rall · Richard Reeves · David Shribman · Cynthia Tucker Lifestyle Ask the Headhunter · Cookbook Nook · Dear Abby · Eugenia Last · Figuratively Speaking · Focus on the Family · On Ethics · Pet Connection · News of the Weird · Scott Burns · 7-Day Menu Planner · Smart Moves · Supermarket Sampler · Tell Me A Story · Other Daily Front Row · Dare to Ask · Do Just One Thing · Earthweek · Hidato · The Independent · Magic Eye · Mini Page · The Motley Fool · RealStyle · Religion News Service · Roger Ebert · Tim Parker · Whatzit? · Wheels · Wonderword This comic strip-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e