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Chart Throb   First edition cover Author Ben Elton Country United Kingdom Language English Genre(s) Comic, Satirical novel Publisher Bantam Press Publication date 2006 Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback) & AudioBook Pages 427 pp ISBN 978-0-593-05750-6 OCLC Number 225348435 Chart Throb is a 2006 novel by Ben Elton. It was released in hardback on 6 November 2006 in the UK, and 9 January 2007 in the US. It is a satire of The X-Factor/Pop Idol style reality TV programmes. Plot summary The story revolves around the occurrences during the latest series of the hit 'reality' star search programme, Chart Throb. The show was the brainchild of Calvin Simms, who assumed a Simon Cowell style role as the mean, English judge. He is accompanied by the extravagant but bitchy former rockstar-turned-transsexual reality TV star, Beryl Blenheim, and the ageing pop manager Rodney Root. Calvin's wife wants to divorce him, but as part of a bet she agrees that if he can rig the results of the new series of Chart Throb, she will leave him without taking any of his cash. Beryl Blenheim is trying to manage the scripted reality show she helms, The Blenheims, whilst coping with her drug-addled wife, Serenity, and the flagging pop career of one of her daughters, Priscilla. Meanwhile, Rodney is facing the challenge of judging his old flame, the beautiful Iona, whilst trying to revive some public interest in his life and work. All of these stories clash and reach a climax at the final of the TV series. At the end of the book, it is said that by the year 2050 everybody will be either a pop star or star of their own reality TV programme. Chart Throb was the 11th novel by Ben Elton, and was released both in hardback and paperback. Characters in the satire and their parallels The novel features many parodies and satirical references to real-life TV personalities. One reference which is not a true satire is the character of HRH Prince Charles Prince Of Wales, who appears as a contestant in the talent programme. Fictional character Personality Beryl Blenheim Sharon Osbourne Priscilla Blenheim Kelly Osbourne Calvin Simms Simon Cowell Rodney Root Louis Walsh Keely Cat Deeley v · d · eBen Elton Television The Young Ones (1982) · Alfresco (1983) · Happy Families (1985) · Filthy Rich & Catflap (1986) · Blackadder II (1986) · Blackadder the Third (1987) · Blackadder Goes Forth (1989) · Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie (1990) · Mr. Bean (1990) · Stark (1993) · The Thin Blue Line (1995) · The Ben Elton Show (1998) · Blessed (2005) · Get a Grip (2007) · Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth (2011) Theatre The New Review · Gasping (1990) · Silly Cow (1991) · Popcorn (1996) · Blast From the Past (1998) · The Beautiful Game (1998) · We Will Rock You (2002) Novel Stark (1989) · Gridlock (1991) · This Other Eden (1993) · Popcorn (1996) · Blast From the Past (1998) · Inconceivable (1999) · Dead Famous (2001) · High Society (2002) · Past Mortem (2004) · The First Casualty (2005) · Chart Throb (2006) · Blind Faith (2007) · Meltdown (2009) Film Maybe Baby (2000) This article about a 2000s novel is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e