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For other uses, see Isabelle (disambiguation). Isabelle Gender Female Meaning "My God is my oath", "Secondary Ascendant/oath", "dark haired portrait", (Italian Beauty variant of Bella) Origin Hebrew via Greek and Latin. Related names Isabel, Isabeau, Isabell, Isabella, Izabela, Isobel, Ysabeau, Elizabeth Look up Isabelle in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Isabelle is a French feminine given name. It may refer to : Isabella of France (disambiguation), a disambiguation page Isabelle of Luxembourg (1247–1298), a daughter of Henry V of Luxembourg and his wife Margaret of Bar Isabelle of Orléans (disambiguation), a disambiguation page Princess Isabelle (disambiguation), a disambiguation page Isabelle Abiera (born 1992), a Filipina actress and model Isabelle Adjani (born 1955), a French film actress and singer Isabelle Antena, a French singer Isabelle Arnould (born 1970), a retired Belgian female freestyle swimmer Isabelle Aubret (born 1938),a French singer Isabelle Autissier (born 1956), a French sailor, navigator, writer and broadcaster Isabelle Amyes (born 1950), an English actress Isabelle Blais (born 1975), a Canadian actress Isabelle Blanc (born 1975), a French snowboarder and Olympic champion Isabelle Boulay (born 1972), a francophone Canadian pop singer Isabelle Boulogne (born 1971), a French sprint canoer Isabelle Brasseur (born 1970), a Canadian figure skater Isabelle Breitman (born 1959), a French actress and director Isabelle Carbonell, a Belgio-Uruguayan documentary photographer and filmmaker Isabelle Caro, a French model suffering from severe anorexia nervosa Isabelle Carré (born 1971), a French actress Isabelle Champmoreau (born 1974), a New Caledonian politician Isabelle Charest (born 1971), a Canadian short track speed skater Isabelle Chartrand (born 1978), a Canadian ice hockey player Isabelle Cheng (born 1970), an intelligence agent Isabelle Collin Dufresne (aka Ultra Violet, born 1935), a French-American artist Isabelle Corey (born 1939), a French film actress Isabelle Coutant-Peyre (born 1952), a French lawyer Isabelle Daniels (born 1937), an American athlete, who mainly competed in the 100 metres Isabelle de Charrière (1740–1805), a Dutch-born writer of the Enlightenment Isabelle de Craon (1212-), a French noblewoman Isabelle Debré (born 1957), a member of the Senate of France Isabelle Delobel (born 1978), a French figure skater Isabelle Delorme (1900–1991), a Canadian composer, pianist and music educator Isabelle Deluce (born 1992), a Canadian actress Isabelle de Meulan (born c.1148-1220), a French noblewoman Isabelle Demongeot (born 1966), a former French professional tennis player Isabelle de Montolieu (1751–1832), a Swiss novelist and translator Isabelle Despres, a French slalom canoer Isabelle Devaluez (born 1966), a retired French discus thrower Isabelle Diks (born 1965), a Dutch GreenLeft politician Isabelle Dinoire (born 1967), the first person to undergo a partial face transplant Isabelle Duchesnay (born 1963), an ice dancer who competed for both Canada and France Isabelle Durant (born 1954), a Belgian politician, member of the Ecolo party Isabelle Earnshaw (born 2005), an English child actor Isabelle Eberhardt (1877–1904), a Swiss -Algerian explorer and writer Isabelle Ferron (born 1967), an actress in both film and stage Isabelle Fijalkowski (born 1972), a retired French basketball player Isabelle Flory, a French violinist Isabelle Fuhrman (born 1997), an American teen actress Isabelle Gatti de Gamond (1839–1905), an Italo-Belgian educationalist, feminist and politician Isabelle Goldenson (-2005) Isabelle Holland (1920–2002), an author of children and adult fiction books Isabelle Huppert (born 1953), a French actress Isabelle Keith (1898–1979), an American actress Isabelle LaMal (1886–1952), an American film actress Isabelle Lendl (born 1991), an American amateur golfer Isabelle Liberman (1918–1990), an American psychologist Isabelle Lucas (1927–1997), a Canadian-born British actress and singer Isabelle Mancini (born 1967), a French cross country skier Isabelle Mercier (born 1975), a Canadian professional poker player Isabelle Mir (born 1949), a French former Alpine skier Isabelle Morneau (born 1976), a defender on the Canada women's national soccer team Isabelle Mouthon-Michellys (born 1966), a French athlete Isabelle Nanty (born 1962), a French actress and film director Isabelle Nylander (born 1990), a Swedish figure skater Isabelle Pasco (born 1966), a French actress and model Isabelle Pasquet (born 1962), a member of the Senate of France Isabelle Pearson (born 1981), a Canadian judoka Isabelle Peretz, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Montreal Isabelle Pieman (born 1983), a Belgian figure skater Isabelle Poulenard (born 1961), a French soprano Isabelle Rampling (born 1985), a Canadian synchronized swimmer Isabelle Redford, an American artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Isabelle Romée (1377–1458), the mother of Joan of Arc Isabelle Sadoyan (born 1928), a French actress Isabelle Sandy (1884–1975), a French poet and writer Isabelle Severino (born 1980), a French gymnast and actress Isabelle Simonis (born 1967), a Belgian politician from the Socialist Party Isabelle Stengers (born 1949), a Belgian philosopher and the daughter of the historian Jean Stengers Isabelle Stoehr (born 1979), a French professional squash player Isabelle Turcotte Baird (born 1970), a Canadian athlete Isabelle Urquhart (1865–1907), an American stage actress Isabelle Vasseur (born 1959), a member of the National Assembly of France Isabelle Vengerova (1877–1956), a Russian-born American pianist and music teacher Isabelle Volpe, a French voice actress Isabelle Wendling (born 1971), a French handball player Isabelle Wéry, a Belgian actress and writer Isabelle Westbury (born 1990), an English cricket player Isabelle White (1894–1972), a British diver fictional characters Isabelle (comics), a Belgian comic book series Isabelle of Cornwall, the mother of Tristan in Arthurian legend Isabelle Tyler, a fictional character on the USA Network science fiction television series The 4400 Isabelle Vaughn, a fictional character from the ABC television series Alias See also Ana Isabelle, a Puerto Rican singer Katharine Isabelle aka Katherine Isobel Murray (born 1981), a Canadian actress Isa, the French shortening for Isabelle