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31 BC state leaders - Events of 30 BC - 29 BC state leaders - State leaders by year Asia China (Western Han Dynasty) - Emperor Cheng, Emperor of China (33 BC - 7 BC) Japan (legendary) - Sujin, Emperor of Japan (97 BC–30 BC) Korea - Dongbuyeo - Geumwa, King of Dongbuyeo (48 BC– 7 BC) Goguryeo - Dongmyeongseong, King of Goguryeo (37 BC – 19 BC) Silla - Bak Hyeokgeose, King of Silla (57 BC– AD 4) Europe Athens Polycleitus Phlyeus, Archon of Athens (31 BC–30 BC) Architemus, Archon of Athens (30 BC–29 BC) Atrebates - Commius, King of the Atrebates (57 BC–20 BC) Bosporan Kingdom - Asander, King of Bosporus (47 BC–17 BC) Caucasian Iberia - Mirian II, King of Caucasian Iberia (32 BC–20 BC) Dacia Deceneus, King of Dacia (44 BC–27 BC) Comosicus, King of Dacia (44 BC–28 BC) Ireland - Lugaid Riab nDerg, High King of Ireland (33 BC–9 BC) Odrysian kingdom - Rhescuporis I, Odrysian King of Thrace (48 BC–13 BC) Roman Republic Octavian, Consul (30 BC) Marcus Licinius Crassus Dives, Consul (30 BC) Gaius Antistius Vetus, Consul suffectus (30 BC) Cicero Minor, Consul suffectus (30 BC) Lucius Saenius, Consul suffectus (30 BC) Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, Pontifex Maximus (44 BC–13 BC) Ægyptus Province - Cornelius Gallus, Roman Prefect (30 BC–26 BC) Syria Province - Quintus Didius, Roman Prefect (31 BC–29 BC) Middle East Armenia - Artaxias II, King of Armenia (34 BC–20 BC) Cappadocia - Archelaus, King of Cappadocia (36 BC–17 AD) Characene - Attambelos I, King of Characene (47 BC–24 BC) Commagene - Mithridates II, King of Commagene (38 BC–20 BC) Ancient Egypt Cleopatra VII, Pharaoh of Egypt (51 BC–30 BC) Caesarion, Pharaoh of Egypt (44 BC–30 BC) Judea Herod the Great, Roman client King of the Jews (40 BC–4 BC) Ananelus, High Priest of Judea (37 BC–36 BC, 36 BC–30 BC) Joshua ben Fabus, High Priest of Judea (30 BC–23 BC) Hillel the Elder, Nasi of the Sanhedrin (31 BC–9 AD) Nabatea Malichus I, King of Nabatea (60 BC–30 BC) Obodas III, King of Nabatea (30 BC–9 BC) Osroene - Paqor, King of Osroene (34 BC–29 BC) Parthian Empire Phraates IV, Emperor of Parthia (38 BC–2 BC) Tiridates II, Emperor of Parthia (30 BC–26 BC) Pontus - Polemon I, King of Pontus (37 BC–8 BC)