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The IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory (TRL) is one of IBM's eight major worldwide research laboratories.[1] It is a branch of IBM Research. About 200 researchers work for TRL.[2] Established in 1982 as the Japan Science Institute (JSI) in Tokyo, it was renamed to IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory in 1986, and moved to Yamato in 1992. Contents 1 History 2 Research at TRL 3 Other activities of TRL 4 References // History IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory was established in 1982 as the Japan Science Institute (JSI) in Sanbanchō, Tokyo. It was IBM's first research laboratory in Asia.[2] Hisashi Kobayashi was appointed the founding director of TRL in 1982; he served as director until 1986.[3] JSI was renamed to the IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory in 1986. In 1988, English-to-Japanese machine translation system called "System for Human-Assisted Language Translation" (SHALT) was developed at TRL. It was used to translate IBM manuals.[4] TRL was shifted from downtown Tokyo to the suburbs to share a building with IBM Yamato Facility in Yamato, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1992.[5] In 1993, world record was accomplished for generation of continuous coherent Ultraviolet rays. In 1996, Java JIT compiler was developed at TRL, and it was released for major IBM platforms. Numerous other technological breakthroughs were made at TRL.[4] Research at TRL TRL researchers are responsible for numerous breakthroughs in sciences and engineering. The researchers have presented multiple papers at international conferences, and published numerous papers in international journals.[6][7] They have also contributed to the products and services of IBM, and patent filings.[6][8] TRL conducts research in microdevices, system software, security and privacy, analytics and optimization, human computer interaction, embedded systems, and services sciences.[6] Other activities of TRL TRL collaborates with the Japanese universities, and support their research programs. IBM donates its equipment such as servers, storage systems, and so forth to the Japanese universities to support their research programs under the Shared University Research (SUR) program.[9] In 1987, IBM Japan Science Prize was created to recognize researchers, who are not over 45-years-old, working at Japanese universities or public research institutes. It is awarded in physics, chemistry, computer science, and electronics.[9] References ^ Persaud, Ajax; Uma Kumar (2002). Managing synergistic innovations through corporate global R&D, Volume 173. Greenwood Publishing Group. pp. 82–83. ISBN 1567204635.  ^ a b "IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory". IBM. Retrieved 13 August 2009.  ^ Douligeris, Christos; Dimitrios N. Serpanos (2007). Network security: current status and future directions. John Wiley and Sons. p. 566. ISBN 0471703559.  ^ a b "TRL 25th Anniversary (1982-2006)". IBM. Retrieved 16 August 2009. [dead link] ^ Boutellier, Roman; Oliver Gassmann, and Maximilian von Zedtwitz (2008). Managing global innovation: uncovering the secrets of future competitiveness. Springer. p. 203. ISBN 3540254412.,+IBM+Tokyo+Research+Laboratory#v=onepage&q=&f=false.  ^ a b c "Core Research Competency". IBM. Retrieved 16 August 2009.  ^ "Technical Paper". IBM. Retrieved 21 August 2009.  ^ "Research Results". IBM. Retrieved 16 August 2009.  ^ a b "Collaboration with Academia". IBM. Retrieved 17 August 2009.  v • d • e IBM History Thomas J. Watson · M&As · Think · Smarter Planet · CEOs Products Cell microprocessor · Mainframe · Personal Computer · POWER · Information Management · Lotus · Rational · SPSS · ILOG · Tivoli: Service Automation Manager  · WebSphere · alphaWorks · Criminal Reduction Utilising Statistical History · Mashup Center · PureQuery · Lotus Software · Redbooks · FORTRAN Business entities Global Services · jStart · Research · Sterling Commerce Facilities Towers (Montreal, Paris, Atlanta) · Software Labs (Rome, Toronto) · IBM Buildings (Chicago, Johannesburg, Seattle) · Research Labs (China, Tokyo, Zurich, Haifa, India, Almaden) · Facilities (Hakozaki, Yamato) · IBM Scientific Center · Hursley House · Canada Head Office Building · Thomas J. Watson Research Center · IBM Rochester · Somers Office Complex Initiatives Extreme Blue Internship · Academy of Technology · Centers for Advanced Studies: CASCON · Deep Thunder · IBM Fellow · IBM Distinguished Engineer · Pulse conference · The Great Mind Challenge · DeveloperWorks: Develothon · ITUP · Linux Technology Center · IBM Virtual Universe Community Terminology Globally Integrated Enterprise · Commercial Processing Workload · Consumability · Technology dividend Other Deep Thought Chess · Watson Artificial Intelligence · Common Public License · Customer engineer · Dynamic infrastructure · IBM international chess tournament · International DB2 Users Group · Lucifer cipher · Mathematica · IBM Public License · SHARE computing · ScicomP Annual revenue: US$103.6 billion (FY 2008) · Employees: 398,455 (2009) · Stock symbol: NYSE: IBM · Website: