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Anti-anti-art is a stance proposed by the Stuckists[1] in their manifestos[2] outlining their art. In it, they take a particularly strong position in opposition to what is known as "anti-art".[3] Stuckists claim that conceptual art is justified by the work of Marcel Duchamp, but that Duchamp's work is "anti-art by intent and effect". The Stuckists feel that "Duchamp's work was a protest against the stale, unthinking artistic establishment of his day", while "the great (but wholly unintentional) irony of postmodernism is that it is a direct equivalent of the conformist, unoriginal establishment that Duchamp attacked in the first place".[4] See also Art Classificatory disputes about art References ^ Ferguson, Euan. "In bed with Tracey, Sarah ... and Ron", The Observer, 20 April 2003. Retrieved on 2 May 2009. ^ "Stuck on the Turner Prize", artnet, 27 October 2000. Retrieved on 2 May 2009. ^ ^ External links Anti-anti-art Stuckist manifesto v · d · eStuckism International Main articles Stuckism International · List of Stuckist artists · Stuckist demonstrations · Stuckism in the United States · Stuckism in Australia · Anti-anti-art · Charles Thomson, Stella Vine, and the Stuckists Co-founders Billy Childish · Charles Thomson Original group Philip Absolon · Frances Castle · Sheila Clark · Eamon Everall · Ella Guru · Wolf Howard · Bill Lewis · Sanchia Lewis · Joe Machine · Sexton Ming · Charles Williams Artists in UK Arfius Arf · Gina Bold · John Bourne · Jonathon Coudrille · Mark D · Paul Harvey · Stephen Howarth · Alexis Hunter · Abby Jackson · Naive John · Rachel Jordan · Jane Kelly · Emily Mann · Peter McArdle · Mandy McCartin · Peter Murphy · Rémy Noë · Udaiyan · Stella Vine Artists in Europe Elsa Dax (France) · Guy Denning (France) · Michael Dickinson (Turkey) · Odysseus Yakoumakis (Greece) Artists in US Peggy Clydesdale · Jeffrey Scott Holland · Tony Juliano · Frank Kozik · Terry Marks · Jesse Richards  · Nicholas Watson Artists elsewhere Godfrey Blow (Australia) · Asim Butt (Pakistan) · Mike Mayhew (New Zealand) · Regan Tamanui (Australia) Artworks Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisitions Decision Shows The Stuckists Punk Victorian · Go West · Addressing the Shadow and Making Friends with Wild Dogs: Remodernism · Galleries A Gallery · Stuckism International Gallery · Spectrum London Related groups Defastenism · Neomodern · Remodernism · Remodernist Film · Stuckist Photographers · The Medway Poets · The Romantic Anonymous Fellowship Stuckism opposed by Louisa Buck · Sarah Kent · Adrian Searle · Sir Nicholas Serota Stuckism opposed to Art intervention · Conceptual art · Damien Hirst · Installation art · Saatchi Gallery · Tate's purchase of The Upper Room · Tracey Emin · Turner Prize · White Cube · Young British Artists Wikimedia  Stuckism at Wikiquote ·  Stuckism at Commons Artists' names in italics indicate artists no longer in the movement (as of June 2007)