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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (July 2008) Fulano de Tal Genres Rock, Pop Years active 1995–2000 Fulano de Tal was a U.S. Latin/rock band, formed in 1995 in Miami, Florida. The original band members were: Elsten Torres (Lead Vocals, Guitar, & Songwriter), Brendan Buckley (Drummer, programming, vocals), Julian Adam Zimmon (Guitars), and Leo Nobre (Bass guitar, Background vocals). John Michael Falcone (Bass guitar, Vocals) replaced Leo in 1996. Fulano de Tal recorded two full-length albums. The name of the band is the Spanish variant of the American term "John Doe". The first album was called, "Normal" and it was released in April 1997 through BMG/RCA records. At the time, Fulano was the first U.S. Latin/Rock band to be signed to a major label. The band toured extensively throughout the U.S.A and some Latin American Countries during the years of 1997 and 1999. In 2000, the band released their sophomore effort, "etc.". Through the independent label: Radio Vox/DLN. It was also in 2000 that the band separated. Brendan and Julian joined pop/Superstar; Shakira as part of her touring band. Elsten Torres released the Grammy nominated album, "Individual" in 2006 under the name, "Fulano", but it was his first solo album although both Brendan and Julian joined in the production and performance of the album. Discography REVOLUCIÓN (in English – Revolution) is the first recording by singer/songwriter; Elsten Torres under the "artistic name" of "Fulano De Tal". Released in 1994 under the independent label, "Radio Vox". This "ep" contained one song in different genres. The version called, "mix de la tierra" was released as a single and also as a music video. The song received a great deal of critical and commercial attention because of its theme. The song was a protest song, regarding the Cuban rafters situation of the mid 90's. There are also two English versions of the song, as well as a more pop version of the song in both English and Spanish. 1. Revolución – (Elsten Torres) – 4:06 (mix de la tierra) 2. Revolución – (Elsten Torres) – 5:30 (mix del cielo) 3. Revolution - (Elsten Torres) – 4:06 (acoustic pissed off mix) 4. Revolution - (Elsten Torres) – 5:32 (the island is gonna blow mix) 5. Revolución – (Elsten Torres) – 3:37 (version sangre) Personnel Guitars & Lead Vocals: Elsten Torres aka Fulano De Tal Percussion & chants: Frank Lord Electric guitars: Cesar Lemos Bass: Julio Hernandez Programming and Keyboards: Rodolfo Castillo Normal is the major label debut album of the band "Fulano De Tal". Released in 1997 under the BMG/RCA label, this album was the first major release of any Latin Rock artist from the U.S.A. The album was an instant critic favorite and spun several hits like, "Cristina Maria", "No Soy Gringo", and "Los Demas". The band members were: Elsten Torres, Brendan Buckley, Julian Adam Zimmon, and John M. Falcone. They began touring throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America for over 2 years until the release of the their next album. Cristina Maria 4:39 No soy gringo 3:30 Los Demas 4:51 Estados Unidos 4:38 Inquietud 3:39 Afuera de mi cabeza 3:22 Duele 4:02 Complicated 3:38 Selfish 5:29 No quiero trabajar 3:48 Normal 6:48 Cuando me muera yo 4:45 Personnel Guitars & Lead Vocals: Elsten Torres Drums, Percussion & Background vocals: Brendan Buckley Electric guitars: Julian Adam Zimmon Bass: John M. Falcone/Leo Nobre All songs written by: Elsten Torres except, "Complicated" – by. Brendan Buckley/Elsten Torres Etc. is the second album of the band "Fulano De Tal", and released in 2000 under the Radio Vox/DLN label. After the success of the band's major label debut, the band was disappointed with the labels direction, so they opted out of their contract and released the Indie album, "Etc", shortening its name to "Fulano". "Etc", was also very well received by the critics and fans. It consists of recordings done in both large studios and home studios. Shortly after the albums’ release the band went back out on the road for a short summer tour but the band broke up right after the end of the tour. Band members: Brendan Buckley and Julian Adam Zimmon joined pop-superstar, "Shakira's" touring band. "Etc" spun one hit "Caramelo" that was later covered by Mexican Rock/Pop Superstar Diva; Alejandra Guzmán. Caramelo 3:41 En Nombre De 4:51 Ella 4:21 No Doubt About It 5:37 Waiting For A Dead Man 5:36 If You Say So 4:01 Se Le Quedo 4:01 Malas Palabras 4:33 Sitting Pretty 3:49 Los Demas 4:51 Everybody Wants To Be The Same 3:52 Sopa Y Pan 3:32 Personnel Guitars & Lead Vocals: Elsten Torres Drums, Percussion & Background vocals: Brendan Buckley Electric guitars: Julian Adam Zimmon Bass: John M. Falcone/Leo Nobre