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Some of the Magharee Islands in 2004. The Magharee Islands (Irish: Na Machairí), also known as "The Seven Hogs", are a group of uninhabited islands located off Rough Point at the northern tip of the Magharee Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. The Islands are part of the parish of Castlegregory are well known as excellent diving and snorkelling destinations. The Magharees Sound separates the Seven Hogs from the mainland. A monastic site comprising beehive huts and the ruins of an old church are located on Illauntannig. Scraggane Pier is the nearest landing point on the mainland. They Islands are called: Gurrig Island Illaunboe Illaunimmil Illauntannig Illaunturlogh Inishtooskert Mucklaghbeg Island The islands were inhabited up until the early 1980s but now serve only as summer grazing for the livestock of several local farmers. Up until recently, many farmers would swim their cattle and sheep across to the islands at low tide, rowing alongside them inside Currachs or other small boats. If an animal got into difficulty it was hauled aboard or tied to a boat. Nowadays, a modified cage with several flotation devices attached to it, is pulled behind a boat and the crossing is much less taxing on the animals and their owners. This article related to the geography of County Kerry, Ireland is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e Coordinates: 52°19′N 10°02′W / 52.317°N 10.033°W / 52.317; -10.033