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This is a list of the names for the Milky Way in various languages. Some of them derive from myths, which can be found at Milky Way (mythology). Contents 1 List of name in various languages 2 Common names 2.1 Birds' Path 2.2 Milky Way 2.3 Road to Santiago 2.4 Silver River 2.5 River of Heaven 2.6 Straw Way 3 References List of name in various languages Arabic: درب التبانة‎ (Darb Al-Tabana) means Milky way Armenian: Յարդ զողի Ճանապարհ hard goghi chanaparh "Straw Thief's Way", from a myth.[1] Basque: Esne bidea, from Latin Bosnian: Mliječni Put, "Milky Way" translated from Latin Bulgarian: Млечен Път, "Milky Way", translated from Latin Catalan: Via Làctia "Milky Way", translated from Latin Catalan: Camí de Sant Jaume, "The Road to Santiago" Chechen: Ça Taxina Taça "the route of scattered straw" Cherokee: ᎩᎵ ᎤᎵᏒᏍᏓᏅᏱ Gili Ulisvsdanvyi "The Way the Dog Ran Away", from a myth Chinese: 銀河 "Silver River" Croatian: Mliječni Put "Milky Way" translated from Latin. Traditionally it was named Kumova slama (Godfather's straw). Czech: Mléčná dráha "Milky Way" translated from Greek or Latin Danish: Mælkevejen "The Milky Way" Dutch: Melkweg "Milky Way" translated from Latin English: Milky Way, translated from Latin[2] Erzya: Каргонь ки "Way of the Crane" Estonian: Linnutee "Way of Birds", from a myth Finnish: Linnunrata "Way of Birds", from a myth Faroese: Vetrarbreytin "The Winter Way" French: La voie lactée "The Milky Way" Georgian: ირმის ნახტომი, irmis naxtomi "The Deer Jump" German: Milchstraße "Milky Way" Greek: Γαλαξίας κύκλος Galaxias Kyklos "Milky Circle", from a myth Hebrew: שביל החלב‎ "The Milky Way" Hindi: akashaganga "Ganges River of Heaven", from a myth[1] Hungarian: Hadak Útja "The Road of the Warriors", from a myth (historical) Hungarian: Tejút "Milky Way" Icelandic: Vetrarbrautin "The Winter Way" Irish: Bealach na Bó Finne "The Fair Cow's Path" Irish: Claí Mór na Réaltaí "Great Fence of the Stars" Irish: Slabhbra Luigh "Lugh's Chain" Indonesian: Bima Sakti "Magical Bima", a character in Sanskrit epic Mahabharata Italian: Via Lattea "Milky Way", translated from Latin Japanese: 天の川 amanogawa "River of Heaven" Korean: 은하 eunha "Silver River", from Chinese, or "미리내"(mirinae) in pure Korean. The Milky Way is specifically called "Uri Eunha" ("Our Galaxy") Latin: Via Lactea "Milky Way", translated from Greek Latvian: Putnu Ceļš, The Birds' Path Lithuanian: Paukščių Takas, The Birds' Path Malay: Bima Sakti "Magical Bima", a character in Sanskrit epic Mahabharata Maltese: Triq Sant' Anna, "St Anne's way" Norwegian: Melkeveien "The milky way" (Bokmål, comes from Danish) Norwegian: Vinterbrauta "The Winter Way" (Nynorsk, related to Icelandic) Persian: راه شیری Polish: Droga Mleczna "Milky Way", translated from Latin Portuguese: Via Láctea "Milky Way", translated from Latin, "Estrada de Santiago" "The Road of Santiago" (less common) Romanian: Calea Lactee "Milky Way", translated from Latin Russian: Млечный путь "Milky Way", translated from Latin Serbian: Mlečni put "Milky Way", translated from Latin Serbian: Млечни пут "Milky Way", translated from Latin Slovak: Mliečna dráha "Milky Way", translated from Latin Slovene: Rimska cesta "The Roman Road", because pilgrims followed it when traveling to Rome Spanish: Via láctea "Milky Way", translated from Latin Spanish: Compostela "Field of Stars", originally from Latin Spanish: Camino de Santiago "The Road to Santiago" Swedish: Vintergatan "Winter Street" Thai: ทางช้างเผือก "The way of the white elephant" Turkish: Samanyolu "Road of Straw" Ukrainian: Чумацький шлях "Way of Chumak" Vietnamese: Ngân Hà "Silver River", translated from Chinese Welsh: Llwybr Llaethog "Milky Way", translated from the Latin Welsh: Caer Wydion "The Fort of Gwydion" (Gwydion) Common names Birds' Path The name "Birds' Path" is used in several Uralic and Turkic languages and in the Baltic languages. Milky Way Many European languages have borrowed, directly or indirectly, the Greek name for the Milky Way, including English and Latin. Road to Santiago The Milky Way was traditionally used as a guide by pilgrims traveling to the holy site at Compostela, hence the use of "The Road to Santiago" as a name for the Milky Way.[2] Curiously, La Voje Ladee "The Milky Way" was also used to refer to the pilgrimage road.[3] Silver River The Chinese name "Silver River" (銀河) is used throughout East Asia, including Korea and Vietnam. In Japan, "Silver River" (銀河) means galaxies in general. River of Heaven The Japanese name for the Milky Way is the "River of Heaven" (天の川), as well as an alternative name in Chinese (Chinese: 天河; pinyin: Tiān hé). Straw Way In a large area from Central Asia to Africa, the name for the Milky Way is related to the word for straw. It has been suggested that the term was spread by Arabs who in turn borrowed it from Armenia.[4] References ^ a b Toivanen, Sampsa; Sipilä, Heikki. "What is the Milky Way called in different languages?". Archived from the original on 2006-09-25. Retrieved 2007-01-06.  ^ a b Macleod, Fiona (1911). Where the forest murmurs. New York: Duffield & Company. Chapter 21: Milky Way.  ^ "The Pilgrim's Way: El Camino de Santiago". Retrieved 2007-01-06.  ^ Harutyunyan, Hayk (2003-08-29). "The Armenian name of the Milky Way". ArAS News (Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS)) 6. Retrieved 2009-08-10.