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Mount Raiden Volcanic Group (雷電山火山群 Raiden-yama-kazangun) Volcanic Group Country Japan State Hokkaidō Region Shiribeshi Subprefecture Districts Isoya District, Iwanai District Municipalities Iwanai, Kyōwa, Rankoshi Borders on Niseko Volcanic Group Highest point Mount Mekunnai  - elevation 1,220 m (4,003 ft)  - coordinates 42°53′59″N 140°30′55″E / 42.89972°N 140.51528°E / 42.89972; 140.51528 Biome alpine climate Geology volcanic Orogeny island arc Period Quaternary Mount Raiden Volcanic Group is a volcanic group of active stratovolcanoes and lava domes situated in Hokkaidō, Japan. The volcanoes were active 1.4 million to 800,000 years ago.[1] List of peaks Name Height Type Mount Mekunnai (目国内岳, Mekunnai-dake?) 1,220 metres (4,000 ft) pyroclastic cone Mount Raiden (雷電山, Raiden-yama?) 1,211.3 metres (3,970 ft) pyroclastic cone Mount Iwanai - - Mount Shakunage - - References "Niseko". Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institution.  ^ "RAIDEN-YAMA". Quaternary Volcanoes of Japan. Geological Survey of Japan, AIST. 2006. Retrieved 2008-09-29.  This Hokkaidō location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e