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Door Bolt in hieroglyphs Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Category:S-door bolt (s hieroglyph) The Ancient Egyptian Door bolt hieroglyph is Gardiner sign listed no. O34 for a door bolt, a sliding form of a deadbolt. The door bolt hieroglyph is used in the Ancient Egyptian language hieroglyphs for the alphabetic consonant letter (horizontal)—s.[1] The Egyptian hieroglyph alphabetic letters The following two tables show the Egyptian uniliteral signs. (24 letters, but multiple use hieroglyphs) a i y ' (w,u) B P F M N R H1 H2 Kh1 Kh2 S (Sh)=Š Q/K2 K G T Ch—Tj D Dj L/(R) (special) (Ptolemaic, etc) -- -- -- -- -- a i (ee) y ii ' ah, (aïn) w, (u) (oo) B P F M N R H1 H2 (Kh)1 (Kh)2 S Sh (Sh) K emphatic K G T Tj Ch Tsh D Dj (additionally 4 for vert/horiz) -- -- -- -- -- M (horiz) M2-Plinth N (vert) (see: N (red crown)) S (vert) S (folded cloth) (not-vertical) M (3rd-M -2nd-vert) M3-Baker's tool (additionally 3 for equivalents) -- -- -- -- -- (2-reeds) is— (2-strokes) y2-Two strokes (quail) is— (coil) letter w, u (see w2-Coil) T (no. 2) T2-Pestle See also Deadbolt Folded cloth (s hieroglyph) Gardiner's Sign List#O. Buildings, Parts of Buildings, etc. References ^ Schumann-Antelme, and Rossini, 1998. Illustrated Hieroglyphics Handbook, uniliteral: U21, p. 58-59. Schumann-Antelme, and Rossini, 1998. Illustrated Hieroglyphics Handbook, Ruth Schumann-Antelme, and Stéphane Rossini. c 1998, English trans. 2002, Sterling Publishing Co. (Index, Summary lists (tables), selected uniliterals, biliterals, and triliterals.) (softcover, ISBN 1-4027-0025-3) This article about Egyptology or subjects relating to Ancient Egypt is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e