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Kevin Hearn Kevin Hearn, 2005 Background information Birth name Kevin Neil Hearn Born July 3, 1969 (1969-07-03) (age 42) Grimsby, Ontario, Canada Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada Genres Alternative rock Occupations Musician Instruments Keyboards, vocals, guitar, accordion, mandolin Years active 1988–present Associated acts Barenaked Ladies, Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle, Look People, Rheostatics, The Cousins Website Kevin Neil Hearn (born July 3, 1969) is a Canadian musician who is currently the keybordist of Barenaked Ladies and his own group, Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle. He is also a former member of Rheostatics.[1] Contents 1 Early life 2 Career 2.1 Diagnosis with leukemia 2.2 Return to work 2.3 Rheostatics 3 Personal life 4 Discography 4.1 Look People 4.2 Corky and the Juice Pigs 4.3 Rheostatics 4.4 Barenaked Ladies 4.5 Solo 4.6 Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle 4.7 The Cousins 5 References 6 External links Early life Hearn was born to a relatively large family, and they lived in a small home in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.[2] He recalls buying Magical Mystery Tour and a Beach Boys greatest hits record, and having them become his first two favourite albums, which led him to an interest in performing music.[2] Hearn has a classical piano background. He attended Inglenook Community High School. He also attended St. Michael's Choir School. Career Hearn joined Look People in 1988 and played with the band until their break-up in 1993. In 1995 he replaced departed keyboardist Andy Creeggan in the Barenaked Ladies. Hearn did not own any of the band's albums and had to learn all of the band's songs in a matter of weeks. His early contribution to the band can be heard on the live release Rock Spectacle, which was recorded on his first tour with the group. He played mostly keyboards on the songs included on the album, and some accordion. His first music video with the band was "Shoe Box", followed by the video for "The Old Apartment", although he had not played on the recording of either song. Thanks to the opportunities afforded him by his BNL gig, Hearn subsequently released his first solo album, Mothball Mint. After extensive touring in the United States, building upon the increasing success of Rock Spectacle, the band recorded their fourth studio album, Stunt. This was Hearn's first album with the band. While Andy Creeggan was mostly focused on acoustic keyboards (mainly piano), Hearn was experienced with electronic keyboards, synthesizers and samplers. This contribution to the band's sound is evident on Stunt. Hearn also contributed some lead electric guitar to the album, having a noticeably different style than Ed Robertson or Steven Page. Diagnosis with leukemia Hearn performing in 2003 Shortly after the recording of the album, Hearn was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia. He began treatment at the same time the band was shooting the video for "One Week", and as such, does not appear in many of the shots.[2] He was hospitalized in Toronto while the band continued to tour in support of the new album.[2] Several of the band's friends filled in at different points (including Chris Brown and Greg Kurstin). Hearn ultimately required bone marrow transplants from his brother Sean Hearn, and eventually his cancer went into remission.[2][3] He rejoined the band in 1999, though still dealing with the effects of the disease. He also released another solo album, called H-Wing (named for the hospital wing he was in when he wrote most of the songs) which centered on his illness. This time his album was performed with a band, Thin Buckle (all the members of whom performed in some level or another on his first album). Return to work Kevin Hearn playing the mandolin, 2005 BNL's next album, Maroon, featured one of Hearn's songs, "Hidden Sun" as a hidden track at the end of the disc; his song "Born Human", later re-recorded for Thin Buckle, was recorded and left off the album. Starting with the release of the band's sixth studio album, Everything to Everyone, the band entered into a new writing process in which Hearn and Jim Creeggan brought not only songs, but also song ideas that the band would complete together. Everything to Everyone saw Hearn's first writing credits on the regular body of a BNL album. He learned to play the mandolin for the album and it has become a common instrument for him on tour. Hearn also released a third solo album, Night Light in 2003 with Thin Buckle. A fourth album, The Miracle Mile, was released on July 11, 2006 in Canada and online. The BNL writing process from the previous album continued for their seventh studio album, Barenaked Ladies Are Me, released in September 2006. Rheostatics Of note are Hearn's collaborations with the Rheostatics. For their tribute album to Canadian painters, the Group of Seven, entitled Music Inspired by the Group of Seven, he co-composed the music, played keyboards, and sang the song "Yellow Days Under a Lemon Sun". For the Rheostatics' 1999 release, The Story of Harmelodia, a thematic, and somewhat psychedelic, children's album, Hearn is listed as a member of the group in the liner-notes. He contributed significantly to the album and composed the songs "Wingophone" and "Monkey Bird". In addition to Hearn's contributions to the recordings above, he performed live with the Rheostatics on many occasions throughout the latter part of the group's career. He is pictured in the group's official portrait at Zunior Records' Independent Music Hall of Fame.[4] Personal life Hearn currently lives in downtown Toronto. He also spends time at a cottage which he acquired in the early 2000s. The isolated cottage is on a lake where his family spent time when he was a child.[2] Hearn has a daughter, Havana Winter Hearn, born in November 2003. Hearn's cousin is actor and comedian Harland Williams, with whom he spent a lot of time as a child. They released an album together in 2004, as a duo known as The Cousins.[5] Discography Look People More Songs About Hats and Chickens (1989) Small Fish, Big Pond (1990) Boogazm (1991) Crazy Eggs (1993) Corky and the Juice Pigs Pants (1994) Rheostatics Music Inspired by the Group of Seven (1995) The Story of Harmelodia (1999) Barenaked Ladies See Barenaked Ladies' discography; Hearn's contributions include releases from 1996 until present. Solo Mothball Mint (1997) Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle H-Wing (2001) Night Light (2004) The Miracle Mile (2006) Havana Winter (2009) The Cousins The Love Song Years (2004) References ^ Liner notes. The Story of Harmelodia. Rheostatics. 1999. ^ a b c d e f Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, Tyler Stewart. (2004). The Barenaked Truth. [Television documentary/DVD]. Take 3 Productions/Casablanca Media Television.  ^ Moll, George (executive producer). (2000). Behind the Music. [TV-series]. New York, NY: VH1.  ^ Rheostatics's page at The Independent Music Hall of Fame, presented by Zunior. Accessed 22 May 2010. ^ The Cousins at External links Kevin Hearn official website v · d · eBarenaked Ladies Jim Creeggan · Kevin Hearn · Ed Robertson · Tyler Stewart Andy Creeggan · Steven Page Early albums Buck Naked · Barenaked Lunch (The Pink Tape) · Barenaked Recess · Barenaked Ladies (The Yellow Tape) · Variety Recordings: Barenaked Ladies Main albums Gordon · Maybe You Should Drive · Born on a Pirate Ship · Rock Spectacle · Stunt · Maroon · Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991–2001) · Everything to Everyone · Barenaked for the Holidays · Barenaked Ladies Are Me · Extended Versions (Live) · Barenaked Ladies Are Men · Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan · Snacktime! · All in Good Time Primary singles "Be My Yoko Ono" · "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" · "Enid" · "What a Good Boy" · "Brian Wilson" · "If I Had $1000000" · "Jane" · "Alternative Girlfriend" · "Shoe Box" · "The Old Apartment" · "One Week" · "It's All Been Done" · "Call and Answer" · "Get in Line" · "Alcohol" · "Pinch Me" · "Too Little Too Late" · "Falling for the First Time" · "Thanks That Was Fun" · "Another Postcard" · "Testing 1,2,3" · "For You" · "Celebrity" · "One Little Slip" · "Easy" · "Wind It Up" · "Sound of Your Voice" · "7 8 9" · "Pollywog in a Bog" · "Drawing" · "You Run Away" · "Every Subway Car" DVDs Barenaked in America · Barelaked Nadies · Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan Published works Public Stunts Private Stories Side projects The Brothers Creeggan · Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle · The Vanity Project Related articles Discography · Chris Brown · Greg Kurstin · Barenaked on a Stick v · d · eRheostatics Dave Bidini · Dave Clark · Dave Crosby · Tim Vesely · Rod Westlake · Martin Tielli · Don Kerr · Kevin Hearn · Michael Phillip Wojewoda Studio albums Greatest Hits (1987) · Melville (1991) · Whale Music (1992) · Music from The Motion Picture Whale Music (1994) · Introducing Happiness (1994) · Music Inspired by the Group of Seven (1995) · The Blue Hysteria (1996) · The Nightlines Sessions (1998) · The Story of Harmelodia (1999) · Night of the Shooting Stars (2001) · 2067 (2004) Live albums Double Live (1997) · The Whale Music Concert, 1992 (2005) · Calling Out the Chords, Vol. 1 (2005) Related The Secret Sessions Persondata Name Hearn, Kevin Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1969-07-03 Place of birth Date of death Place of death