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Emperor's Return EP by Celtic Frost Released August 15, 1985 Recorded April 1985 at Line In Recording Studio in Zurich, Switzerland "Dethroned Emperor" and "Morbid Tales" recorded October 1984 Genre Thrash metal Length 21:21 Label Noise Records Producer Celtic Frost Professional reviews Allmusic link Celtic Frost chronology Morbid Tales (1984) Emperor's Return (1985) To Mega Therion (1985) Emperor's Return is the second release by the Swiss extreme metal band, Celtic Frost. It was released in 1985 as an extended play and was their first record featuring American drummer Reid Cruickshank (aka "Reed St. Mark").[1] The record had a major influence on the developing death metal and black metal genres. Contents 1 Track listing 2 Credits 3 See also 4 References // Track listing Side One No. Title Length 1. "Circle of the Tyrants"   4:27 2. "Dethroned Emperor"   4:38 Side Two No. Title Length 1. "Morbid Tales"   3:29 2. "Visual Aggression"   4:11 3. "Suicidal Winds"   4:36 Credits Tom Gabriel Fischer - Guitars, Vocals Martin Eric Ain - Bass Reed St. Mark - Drums See also Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return References ^ Fischer (2000), page 100. v • d • e Celtic Frost Thomas Gabriel Fischer · Martin Eric Ain · Franco Sesa Curt Victor Bryant · Oliver Amberg · Ron Marks · Anders Odden · Dominic Steiner · Reed St. Mark · Stephen Priestly · Erol Unala Albums Morbid Tales · To Mega Therion · Into the Pandemonium · Cold Lake · Vanity/Nemesis · Monotheist EPs Emperor's Return · Tragic Serenades · I Won't Dance Compilations Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying This 1980s metal album-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e