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Hinton Charterhouse Pit Site of Special Scientific Interest Shown within Somerset Area of Search Avon Grid reference ST772573 Coordinates 51°18′52″N 2°19′43″W / 51.31435°N 2.32852°W / 51.31435; -2.32852Coordinates: 51°18′52″N 2°19′43″W / 51.31435°N 2.32852°W / 51.31435; -2.32852 Interest Geological Area 0.4 hectares (0.0040 km2; 0.0015 sq mi) Notification 1971 (1971) Natural England website Hinton Charterhouse Pit (grid reference ST772573) is a 0.4 hectare geological Site of Special Scientific Interest near the village of Hinton Charterhouse, Bath and North East Somerset, notified in 1971. The Hinton Sands, where a sparse bivalve fauna has been found, is an unusual sandy facies developed in the middle of the Forest Marble Jurassic Formation. This rock unit has strong associations with William Smith, who used the name Hinton Sands for the facies early in the 19th century.[1] References ^ English Nature citation sheet for the site (accessed 11 July 2006) v · d · eGeological Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Avon Aust Cliff · Avon Gorge · Banwell Caves · Banwell Ochre Caves · Barnhill Quarry · Barns Batch Spinney · Bickley Wood · Bleadon Hill · Bourne · Bowlditch Quarry · Brinkmarsh Quarry · Brown's Folly · Buckover Road Cutting · Burrington Combe · Cattybrook Brickpit · Clevedon Shore · Compton Martin Ochre Mine · Court Hill · Cullimore's Quarry · Damery Road Section · Dundry Main Road South Quarry · Gordano Valley · Ham Green · Hampton Rocks Cutting · Hartcliff Rocks Quarry · Hawkesbury Quarry · Hinton Charterhouse Pit · Hinton Hill, Wellow · Holly Lane · Huish Colliery Quarry · Kenn Church, Kenn Pier & Yew Tree Farm · Kilmersdon Road Quarry · Lower Woods · Lulsgate Quarry · Middle Hope · Newton St Loe · Nightingale Valley · North Road Quarry, Bath · Portishead Pier to Black Nore · Quarry Steps, Durdham Down · Severn Estuary · Slickstones Quarry, Cromhall · Spring Cove Cliffs · Stidham Farm · Tytherington Quarry · Weston-in-Gordano · Winterbourne Railway Cutting · Writhlington Neighbouring areas: Gloucestershire · Somerset · Wiltshire This article about a Site of Special Scientific Interest is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e This Somerset location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e