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Colletotrichum C. lindemuthianum on bean pods Scientific classification Kingdom: Fungi Phylum: Ascomycota Class: Sordariomycetes Subclass: Incertae sedis Order: Phyllachorales Family: Phyllachoraceae Genus: Colletotrichum Species Colletotrichum acutatum Colletotrichum agaves Colletotrichum arachidis Colletotrichum capsici Colletotrichum cereale Colletotrichum coccodes Colletotrichum crassipes Colletotrichum dematium Colletotrichum derridis Colletotrichum destructivum Colletotrichum fragariae Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Colletotrichum gossypii Colletotrichum graminicola Colletotrichum higginsianum Colletotrichum kahawae Colletotrichum lindemuthianum Colletotrichum lini Colletotrichum mangenotii Colletotrichum musae Colletotrichum nigrum Colletotrichum orbiculare Colletotrichum pisi Colletotrichum sublineolum Colletotrichum trichellum Colletotrichum trifolii Colletotrichum truncatum ... Colletotrichum (sexual stage: Glomerella) is a genus of fungi that are obligate symbionts to plants in the from of endophytes. Many of the species in this genus are plant pathogens, although some species may express a mutualistic life-style in non-disease hosts.[1] References ^ Rodriguez, Rusty and Regina Redman. (2008). "More than 400 million years of evolution and some plants still can’t make it on their own: plant stress tolerance via fungal symbiosis". Journal of Experimental Botany 59 (5): 1109–14. doi:10.1093/jxb/erm342. PMID 18267941.  Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Colletotrichum This Sordariomycetes-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e