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It has been suggested that this article or section be merged into Kiss Kiss (book). (Discuss) "Genesis and Catastrophe: A True Story" is a short story written by Roald Dahl included in his 1962 book Kiss Kiss. It is a fictionalized account based upon a true historical incident.[1] It is also known as "A fine son". Plot summary The story begins with Klara, a Germanic woman, who has just given birth to a son. She is fearful that this child will die, as she has had three children previously, and all of them have died. Her husband, Alois, remembers how small and frail the new baby is, even compared to the others. The doctor and midwife assure the mother that the baby is healthy. They beg the father to show more compassion toward his wife and to hope for the child's survival. The story ends with Klara praying, "He must live, Alois. He must, he must... Oh God, be merciful unto him now..." Her son's name is Adolf Hitler. Adaptations Genesis and Catastrophe was adapted into an episode of the television series Tales of the Unexpected by Ronald Harwood in 1980[2] and into a short film in 2000 by director Jonathan Liebesman.[3][4] References ^ Roald Dahl Fan's Page ^ IMDb: Tales of the Unexpected: Genesis and Catastrophe (1980) ^ IMDb: Genesis and Catastrophe (2000) ^ iFilm: Genesis and Catastrophe v · d · eKiss Kiss by Roald Dahl "The Landlady" · "William and Mary" · "The Way Up to Heaven" · "Parson's Pleasure" · "Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat" · "Royal Jelly" · "Georgy Porgy" · "Genesis and Catastrophe" · "Edward the Conqueror" · "Pig" · "The Champion of the World"