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Illustration of selection of special figures Illustration of selection of special figures Special figures were a component of figure skating in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Like compulsory figures, special figures involved tracing patterns on the ice with the blade of one ice skate. This required the skater to display significant balance and control while skating on one foot. While compulsory figures were standard patterns derived from the figure 8, the special figures were elaborate patterns of the skaters' own invention. These designs included rosettes, stars, crosses, and other elaborate curlicues. The building blocks for special figures included not only the elements of the standard compulsory figures, but shapes known as beaks, spectacles, and cross-cuts. Tracing of elaborate patterns on the ice was a characteristic of the American and British schools of figure skating. By the early 20th century, this had been largely displaced by the "International Style" of free skating which utilized the entire ice surface and featured more athletic movements set to music. Special figures was an event in the 1908 Summer Olympic Games. Nikolai Panin of Russia won the event. See also Special figures by Panin Figure skating at the 1908 Summer Olympics References The Official Book of Figure Skating. ISBN 0-684-84673-X. Irving Brokaw: The Art of Skating. American Sports Publishing Co., 1928. Benjamin Wright: Skating in America. United States Figure Skating Association, 1996. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Special figures v • d • e Figure skating Disciplines Single skating · Pair skating · Ice dancing · Synchronized skating Competition programs Compulsory figures · Short program · Free skating · Compulsory dances · Original dance · Short dance · Free dance Elements Required elements Death spiral · Jumps · Lifts · Moves in the field · Spins · Spirals · Step sequence · Twist lifts Jumps Toe loop jump · Salchow jump · Flip jump · Loop jump · Lutz jump · Axel jump Spins Upright spin (Layback spin · Biellmann spin) · Sit spin · Camel spin Moves in the field 3 turn · Bracket turn · Choctaw turn · Counter turn · Crossover · Mohawk turn · Rocker turn · Twizzle Connecting elements Besti squat · Cantilever · Hydroblading · Ina Bauer · Spread eagle · Split jumps · Walley jump Other ISU Judging System · International figure skating · Adult figure skating Historical interest History of figure skating · 6.0 system · Special figures Lists Figure skaters · Olympic medalists · Competitions · National championships · Terms Category · Portal