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This article is about the Ganak caste of Assam, India. For the Ganaka caste of South India (particularly Kerala), see Kaniyar. Ganak is a caste of traditional astrologers from Assam, India. They are also known as Ganak Brahmins, Acharya, and Graha Bipra.[1] They claim that they are descendants of Sakaldwipiya Brahmins, but other Brahmin clans consider them to be a lower rank.[2] Condemnation of Ganak people occurred around 400 BC and was believed to be lost their supreme sarcedotal Brahminical status since that period.[3] References ^ Bareh, Hmlet, ed (2001). Encyclopaedia of North-East India: Tripura. p. 240.  ^ Sharma, Suresh Kant; Sharma, Usha, eds (2005). Discovery of North-East India: geography, history, culture, religion, politics, sociology, science, education and economy. North-East India. 5. Mittal. p. 226.  ^ Singh, N. K., ed (1997). Encyclopaedia of Hinduism. 1. Anmol.