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Chogo of Baekje Hangul 초고왕, 소고왕, 속고왕 Hanja 肖古王, 素古王, 速古王 Revised Romanization Chogo-wang, Sogo-wang, Sokgo-wang McCune–Reischauer Ch'ogo-wang, Sogo-wang, Sokko-wang Monarchs of Korea Baekje Onjo 18 BCE–29 CE Daru 29–77 Giru 77–128 Gaeru 128–166 Chogo 166–214 Gusu 214–234 Saban 234 Goi 234–286 Chaekgye 286–298 Bunseo 298–304 Biryu 304–344 Gye 344–346 Geunchogo 346–375 Geungusu 375–384 Chimnyu 384–385 Jinsa 385–392 Asin 392–405 Jeonji 405–420 Guisin 420–427 Biyu 427–455 Gaero 455–475 Munju 475–477 Samgeun 477–479 Dongseong 479–501 Muryeong 501–523 Seong 523–554 Wideok 554–598 Hye 598–599 Beop 599–600 Mu 600–641 Uija 641–660 Chogo of Baekje (died 214, r. 166–214) was the fifth king of Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. Contents 1 Background 2 Reign 3 Legacy 4 References 5 See also Background He was the son of King Gaeru. Relations between Baekje and the rival kingdom Silla became hostile after Gaeru had given refuge to a Sillan traitor Gilseon in 165, shortly before Chogo inherited the throne. Reign Chogo began attacking Silla in 167, and captured two castles, but the Sillans drove him and his army off. Chogo ran another campaign (188–190) against Silla, and captured several castles (Castles Mosan, Guyang, Wonsanhyang, and Yogeo). In 204, he destroyed Yocha. He also built new castles, including Castle Jeokhyeon and Sado, in captured territory, and settled people there in 210. The battles occurred around the Sobaek Mountains. In 214, he waged war against the Mohe. He led 1,000 soldiers to capture Castle Seokmun of Mohe, but the Mohe counter-attacked in the Sulcheon region of Baekje. In July 214 Silla also invaded Baekje, and captured Castle Sahyeon. Legacy The 8th king Goi is said to be Chogo's younger brother. The 13th king Geunchogo apparently took Chogo's name to emphasize his lineage after a long rivalry between two royal factions. References The Academy of Korean Studies Doosan Encyclopedia See also History of Korea List of Korea-related topics