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Loudspeaker Design Cookbook   Author Vance Dickason Country United States Language English Genre(s) Instructional Publisher Audio Amateur Press Publication date 2006 Media type Paperback ISBN 1-882580-47-8 OCLC Number 64681158 Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickason is a resource for the design and construction of audio loudspeakers. Contents Chapter 0. How Loudspeakers Work Chapter 1. Closed-Box Low-Frequency Systems Chapter 2. Vented-Box Low-Frequency Systems Chapter 3. Passive-Radiator Low-Frequency Systems Chapter 4. Transmission-Line Low-Frequency Systems Chapter 5. Cabinet Construction: Shape and Damping Chapter 6. Loudspeaker Baffles Chapter 7. Passive and Active Crossover Networks Chapter 8. Loudspeaker Testing Chapter 9. CAD Software for Loudspeaker Design Chapter 10. Home Theater Loudspeakers Chapter 11. Car Audio Loudspeakers Chapter 12. Two System Designs This article about a non-fiction book is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e