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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (April 2009) For other uses, see Children of God (disambiguation). Children of God File:Chdrn skin97.jpg Studio album by Swans Released 1997 2001 (reissue) Recorded 1987–1990 Genre Post-industrial, post-punk, art rock Label Young God/Atavistic Records Swans chronology Holy Money (1986) Children of God/World of Skin (1987-1988) Love Will Tear Us Apart (1988) Children of God/World Of Skin is the 1997 re-release of the 1987 Children of God album by the American post-punk band Swans. The re-release comes with a bonus track ("I'll Swallow You", which contains also "Damn You To Hell", as the two tracks appear on the New Mind 12"), and an additional disc, World of Skin, the band's side project, containing most of the songs from its first two albums, Blood, Women, Roses and Shame, Humility, Revenge, with tracks missing from the former album, specifically "Come Out", and a cover of "The Man I Love". The re-released version replaces the original version of "Our Love Lies" with the version from the "Love Will Tear Us Apart EP". Contents 1 Track listing 2 World of Skin 3 Personnel 4 External links Track listing "New Mind" — 5:13 "In My Garden" — 5:34 "Our Love Lies" — 4:26 (Version from Love Will Tear Is Apart EP) "Sex, God, Sex" — 6:49 "Blood and Honey" — 4:46 "Like a Drug (Sha La La La)" — 5:36 "You're Not Real, Girl" — 4:21 "Beautiful Child" — 5:16 "Blackmail" — 3:34 "Trust Me" — 5:23 "Real Love" — 6:23 "Blind Love" — 7:46 "Children of God" — 4:34 "I'll Swallow You" - 4:15 (bonus track on the 1997 re-release) World of Skin (additional disc released in 1997) "1,000 Years" "Everything at Once" "Cry Me a River" (Arthur Hamilton/Julie London cover) "Breathing Water" "Blood on Your Hands" "Nothing Without You" "We'll Fall Apart" "I Want to Be Your Dog" (The Stooges cover) "My Own Hands" "Turn to Stone" "Cold Bed" "24 Hours" "Red Rose" "One Small Sacrifice" "Still a Child" "The Center of Your Heart" Personnel Michael Gira - vocals, sounds, keyboards, acoustic guitar Norman Westberg - electric / acoustic guitar Jarboe - vocals, all female background vocals, sounds, piano Algis Kizys - bass Ted Parsons - drums, percussion William Barnhardt - piano on "Blackmail" Simon Fraser - flute on "In My Garden" Lindsay Cooper - oboe on "Blackmail" and "Trust Me" Audrey Riley - cello on "Like A Drug" External links Swans official website - Children of God v · d · eSwans Michael Gira · Norman Westberg · Christoph Hahn · Phil Puleo · Chris Pravdica · Thor Harris Jarboe · Algis Kizys · Ted Parsons · Roli Mosimann · Vincent Signorelli · Bill Rieflin · Toby Dammit · Clinton Steele · Harry Crosby · Jonathan Kane · Jenny Wade · Ronaldo Gonzalez · Ivan Nahem Studio albums Filth · Cop · Greed · Holy Money · Children of God · The Burning World · White Light from the Mouth of Infinity · Love of Life · The Great Annihilator · Soundtracks for the Blind · My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky Live albums Public Castration Is a Good Idea · Feel Good Now · Anonymous Bodies in an Empty Room · Real Love · Omniscience · Kill the Child · Swans Are Dead Compilation albums Body to Body, Job to Job · Children of God/World of Skin · Various Failures · Cop/Young God Greed/Holy Money · Forever Burned Extended plays Swans · Young God · Time Is Money (Bastard) · Love Will Tear Us Apart · Die Tür ist zu Singles "A Screw" · "New Mind" · "Can't Find My Way Home" · "Saved" · "Celebrity Lifestyle" · "Failure/Animus" · "I Am the Sun" Related articles Discography · Angels of Light · World of Skin · Young God Records · Ecstatic Peace! · Neutral Records · Some Bizzare Records · I Am Not Insane