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This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please improve this article if you can. The talk page may contain suggestions. (October 2007) Sacha Sacket Sacha Sacket performing in 2005 Background information Birth name Sacha Sacket Born September 20, 1978 Tehran, Iran Genres Pop, pop rock, rock, adult contemporary Occupations Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Pianist Website Sacha Sacket (born September 20, 1978, in Tehran, Iran) is an American pop singer-songwriter who resides in Los Angeles, California.[1] Sacket has produced three albums, Alabaster Flesh (2001), Shadowed (2005), and Lovers and Leaders (2007). He has also starred in the 2008 movie November Son, directed by Jason Paul Collum. Contents 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Alabaster Flesh 1.3 Shadowed 1.4 Lovers and Leaders 1.5 Hermitage 2 Discography 2.1 Albums 3 References 4 External links // Biography Early life Alabaster Flesh His first album was an exploration of masculinity in culture that "summons to its use such inveterate forms as ancient mythology and astronomy in order to lend support to his reinvention of modern heroism".[2] In an August 1, 2001 interview with Greling Jackson of Oasis Magazine, he comments, "[It] was an album where I was claiming my voice... I really didn't know how to before... I learned to crawl out of my shell and expose my entity." [3] This first album was largely promoted across California, where he put on live concerts at high schools and university campuses in order to gain exposure. Shadowed Recorded in 2004 in Los Angeles with producer Mike Baiardi, Sacha was quoted as saying: "I felt it was time to delve into 'dark things' go places where I degraded myself, where I was a doormat, where I would destroy someone if I could. Not in an attempt to immediately rectify or justify myself, just to express it. I had to be damaged, to have faults, to show the darkness. I really went to those life and death situations where a life is beginning or ending. Where your humanity truly reveals itself, when your character is tested – the underlying truth."[4] Shadowed marked a Sacha touring countless universities and colleges nationwide as well as many festivals. Lovers and Leaders Sacket's third album, Lovers and Leaders, debuted in 2007 to generally positive reviews and with the release Sacket toured regionally. He is quoted as saying, "“Although it’s a love album, the theme is really more about my battle not to succumb to it. I guess I equated love with losing power, losing my goals and aspirations. I was trying to find the balance between honoring someone else and myself, while finding where the edges meet.”[5] Sacket also hired a full time backup band: Alexa Brinkschulte on drums, Jennifer Trani on guitar, and Anna Rosales on bass guitar. They toured in clubs and venues along the west coast. Hermitage Discography Albums Alabaster Flesh (2001) Shadowed (2004) Lovers and Leaders (2007) Sacha Sacket and the LadyKillers: Live at the Zone (2008) Hermitage (2009) References ^ Sacha Sacket:Artist profile ^ "Sacha Sacket:Alabaster Flesh Sacha Sacket: Official Web site". Retrieved 2007-08-31.  ^ "Sacha Sacket finds his artistic voice on Alabaster Flesh Oasis Magazine". Retrieved 2007-08-31.  ^ "Sacha Sacket:Shadowed Sacha Sacket: Official Web site". Retrieved 2008-08-18.  ^ "Sacha Sacket:Lovers and Leaders Sacha Sacket: Official Web site". Retrieved 2008-08-18.  External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Sacha Sacket Sacha Sacket at Allmusic—official website Official MySpace Official Blog Official Facebook Persondata Name Sacket, Sacha Alternative names Short description Date of birth September 20, 1978 Place of birth Date of death Place of death