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Anterior axillary line The left side of the thorax with lines labeled Latin linea axillaris anterior Gray's subject #284 1309 The anterior axillary line is a sagittal line on the anterior torso marked by the anterior axillary fold. External links v · d · eAnatomical planes and lines (TA A01.2.00, GA 12.1309) Sagittal plane Median plane front (Anterior median line/Midsternal line, Parasternal line, Midclavicular line, Anterior axillary line, Midaxillary line) back (Posterior median line, Scapular line, Posterior axillary line) Transverse plane Thoracic plane · Transpyloric plane · Subcostal plane · Umbilical plane · Intertubercular plane · Interspinous plane Coronal/frontal plane Midcoronal plane · Sternal plane general anatomy: systems and organs, regional anatomy, planes and lines, superficial axial anatomy, superficial anatomy of limbs This anatomy article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e