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Tihon Konstantinov Prime Minister of Moldova1 In office August 2, 1940 – April 17, 1945 Preceded by formation of republic Succeeded by Nicolae Coval Born August 13, 1898 Khoroshoe, Yekaterinoslav Governorate, Russian Empire Died 1957 Political party Communist Party2 Religion Eastern Orthodoxy 1.The name was Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars. 2.Piotr Borodin and Nikita Salogor were first secretaries of the Communist Party of Moldova. Tihon Konstantinov (August 13, 1898 - 1957) was a Moldavian SSR and Moldavian ASSR politician. Biography Konstantinov was born in the village Khoroshoe of Pavlograd uyezd,[1] Yekaterinoslav Governorate. The village was located by the Samara river, while next to the village there was the estate Dobrenkoe. In the 1938-1940, he was a chairman of the council in the Moldavian ASSR in Tiraspol. Tihon Konstantinov was the prime minister of Moldavian SSR (2 August 1940 - 17 April 1945) (in exile in Russian SFSR from June 1941 until August 1944). The exact name was Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars. During his mandate as prime minister, Piotr Borodin and Nikita Salogor were first secretaries of the Communist Party of Moldova. Awards Order of Lenin (February 7, 1939), for prominent successes in Agriculture and particularly for over-fulfillment of plans for major agricultural works.[2] References ^ Makarevskiy, F. Materials for historical-statistical description of the Yekaterinoslav Eparchy. Chaussky typography. Yekaterinoslav, 1880 (Russian) ^ Handbook on the history of Communist Party and Soviet Union (Russian) Enciclopedia sovietică moldovenească (Chişinău, 1970–1977)[page needed] Preceded by formation of republic Prime Minister of Moldova August 2, 1940-April 17, 1945 Succeeded by Nicolae Coval v · d · ePrime Ministers of Moldova Moldavian DR Pantelimon Erhan · Daniel Ciugureanu · Petru Cazacu Moldavian SSR Tihon Konstantinov · Nicolae Coval  · Gherasim Rudi  · Alexandru Diordiţă · Petru Pascari · Semion Grossu · Ion Ustian · Ivan Călin · Petru Pascari · Mircea Druc Republic of Moldova Valeriu Muravschi · Andrei Sangheli · Ion Ciubuc · Serafim Urechean* · Ion Sturza · Dumitru Braghiş · Vasile Tarlev · Zinaida Greceanîi · Vitalie Pîrlog* · Vlad Filat * denotes acting. Persondata Name Konstantinov, Tihon Alternative names Short description Date of birth August 13, 1898 Place of birth Khoroshoe, Yekaterinoslav Governorate, Russian Empire Date of death 1957 Place of death This article about a Moldovan politician is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e