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Paulina Cory Carlino Another World Portrayed by Cali Timmins [#1] (February 15, 1990-July 16, 1991) Judi Evans Luciano [#2] (July 18, 1991-June 25, 1999) First appearance February 15, 1990 Last appearance June 25, 1999 Cause/reason End of the series Profile Aliases Paulina Cantrell (adoptive name) Paulina Maria Cory (full name) Gender Female Relationships Parents Mackenzie "Mac" Cory (biological father, deceased) Maria Hernandez DeSilva (biological mother, deceased) Sibling(s) Iris Wheeler (paternal half-sister) Sandy Cory (paternal half-brother) Amanda Cory (paternal half-sister) Spouse(s) Jake McKinnon (divorced; first time; 1991-1992) Jake McKinnon (divorced; second time; 1994-1996) Joe Carlino (married; 1996-present) Children Remy Woods (daughter, father unknown) Dante Carlino (son, with Joe) Aunts and uncles Alfred Cory (uncle) Nieces and nephews Dennis Wheeler (nephew) Maggie Cory (niece) Alex Cory (nephew) Alli Fowler (niece) Other relatives Neal Cory (cousin) Adam Cory (cousin) Sarah Matthews Wheeler (great-niece) Paulina Cory Carlino (formerly McKinnon) was a fictional character on the NBC daytime soap opera Another World. LEGAL HISTORY In October 1990, Paulina shot Jake McKinnon. He had been blackmailing her with information which seemed to indicate that she wasn't really Mac Cory's daughter after all. Marley Hudson stood trial for the crime because the evidence pointed her way. When Jake woke up from his coma, he blackmailed her again. Paulina finally confessed to the crime 14 months after the fact. She was never jailed because Jake, now in love with her, refused to press charges. MEDICAL HISTORY In 1997 Paulina got hooked on diet pills. She progressed to methamphetamines (speed), and needed to be committed to cure her addiction. CURRENT AND FORMER OCCUPATIONS Paulina held a vague position at KBAY, Bay City's television studio for several years. She seemed to be some sort of associate producer and was in charge of making sure that things ran smoothly on the set. During her honeymoon in Italy in 1996 she was given cooking instructions by Joe's family. Upon her return to Bay City, she became a full-time chef for Carlino's Restaurant. When she first came to Bay City she was hired as a nanny for Steven Frame. References