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Edgewood High School Location 2415 Willoughby Beach Road Edgewood, Maryland, United States Information Type Public Secondary Established 1954 School district Harford County Public Schools Principal Larissa L. Santos Asst. Principal Sherry P. Bosley Robert M. Limpert Michael Quigg Tina S. Link Faculty 120 Grades 9 through 12 Color(s) Red,and White           Mascot Ram Feeder schools Edgewood Middle School Edgewood's main entrance Social studies wing, auditorium and music wing in background Edgewood High School (EHS) is a four-year public high school in Edgewood in Harford County, Maryland, United States. The school is located in the southwest portion of the county near Route 40. Home to one magnet program and on the brink of opening another.[1] Contents 1 About the School 1.1 Facilities 1.2 Programs 1.2.1 Fine Arts 2 Magnet Programs 2.1 IB Diploma Programme 2.2 Academy of Finance[10] 2.2.1 Program Outline 2.2.2 Curriculum 3 Students 4 Feeder system 5 Athletics 6 Notable alumni 7 References and notes 8 External links About the School Facilities The former Edgewood High School building was 189,856 square feet (17,638.2 m2) on slightly more than 48 acres (190,000 m2) and according to Maryland state records, the primary structure was built in 1954.[2] Since that time, it was renovated or added to five times, in the years 1958, 1967, 1969, 1975, and 1996.[3] With the recent population growth in Harford County, combined with the expected population growth due to BRAC, it was decided to build a new school building on the same grounds. Completed in 2010, the new building is 268,000 square feet (24,900 m2) and increases the student capacity by 361 seats.[4] The building was opened for the 2010-2011 school year.[5] The demolition and removal of the former building is expected to be complete by the end of the 2010-2011 school year.[6] Programs The Harford County Public Schools' website describes the programs offered at Edgewood thus: Edgewood High School has a large number of programs and initiatives that enable students to be successful and promote academic achievement. A full range of Advanced Placement and Honors courses in Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and English are available for student selection. Tutoring programs and academic assistance are provided by the National Honor Society and faculty on a daily basis. The 9th grade team supports at-risk students. The Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Scholars programs encourage academic success and planning for future opportunities. Career and Technology programs are available in the areas of Child Care, Foods, Clothing, Accounting, Computer Programming, Office Technology, Business, and Work Experience. Tech Prep programs are to be offered in Child Care, Accounting, and Computer Information Systems.[7] Fine Arts Music and the arts are strong programs at Edgewood High School. The school is known for its musical and theater productions, and in 2003, the Edgewood High School band was selected by Walt Disney World to perform there. In the fall of 2007, Edgewood's theater department produced the play M*A*S*H, based on the movie of the same name,[8] and their weekend run of the musical The King and I was completed in March 2008. In the 2008-2009 theater season Edgewood High's Drama department presented 10 by 10 in the fall, a play loosely based on the ten commandments. In the winter/spring season Edgewood put on its own rendition of Anything Goes opening to some of the largest crowds it has seen yet. Edgewood Alumni and current students also worked together to put on an experimental 24 Hour Show, in the fashion of big Maryland universities such as Towson University. In February Edgewood High School swept the North East Theater Festival hosted by Bel Air High School winning awards in vocal performance, dance competition, monologues, and scene presentations. Edgewood's Theatre Company is headed by Dawn Sinclair and Jeffery Winfield. Edgewood's high school instrumental program currently has approximately 140 members, and the vocal program numbers approximately 120. The department also offers courses in music theory, as well as beginning and advanced piano, guitar, and percussion classes. The department produces two or three concerts per year for each ensemble, with the winter concert combining the ensembles, and the spring concerts divided by the parts of the department (orchestral, other instrumental, and choral). Magnet Programs IB Diploma Programme Edgewood High School is one of the elite schools offering the International Baccalaureate degree program. The requirements state: All students currently enrolled in Grade 8 may apply for admission for the freshman class of 2008-2009. The admission process is competitive and applications will be evaluated by a selection committee. The following criteria will be used: Academic achievement in middle school based on GPA, standardized tests and participation in advanced math courses (Algebra I must be completed prior to entering the program). Demonstrated interest and motivation for learning. This will be documented by teacher recommendations, in-person writing sample, and school and community involvement. An interview may also be included.[9] Academy of Finance[10] Logo of Edgewood's Academy of Finance ‎ In March 1998, the Maryland Department of Education joined with the National Academy Foundation to develop local partnerships between businesses and schools to create programs that combine work experience with classroom learning. Thus was born the Edgewood Academy of Finance. Its goals are to help students to explore expanding business careers, learn about and prepare for careers in the financial sector, set personal goals in their high school careers, work in a paid internship, learn problem-solving and teamwork skills, and to make an educational connection at a two-year or four-year college. Edgewood High School students participating in job shadowing at Harford Mutual Insurance Company Program Outline Edgewood's Academy of Finance is a college-preparatory program, encompassing a partnership between Harford County's financial services industry and the Harford County Public Schools. All Harford County students are welcome to participate in the program, which fosters problem-solving skills and provides students with a wide base of career opportunities. Some features of the program include classroom instruction integrated with workplace experience, exposure to current technology, and opportunities to earn college credit in high school. Each student also completes a six- to eight- week summer internship at the end of their tenure. Curriculum The Academy of Finance curriculum of instruction is integrated with Edgewood High School's curriculum and expectations. To receive their Academy of Finance certificate, signifying completion of the program, all students are required to complete the following coursework: Applications of Computer Technology I* Introduction to Financial Services/Financial Planning* This class introduces various sectors of the business industry by learning about the nature of careers found in a particular sector and the scope of the work involved in the business. It also includes the process and components of financial planning, as well as retirement planning, estate planning, and investing, among other topics. Accounting I* Strategies for Business Success This class helps students transition to the world of work, covering everything from "dressing for success" to thinking skills and professionalism. This course is required before internship participation can be granted. Securities and Insurance* This class overviews the front and back office operations in securities and insurance and examines the careers in these industries. International Finance* This class includes the study of foreign trade, the international monetary system, foreign exchange rates, and international banking. Banking and Credit* This class looks at the major functions of banks along with their operations, as well as the functions and operations of credit. Economics and the World of Finance* This class provides an understanding of the global market economy, as well as the role that various markets and securities play in the U.S. economy. College Introduction to Business (offered in conjunction with Harford Community College) In addition, it is recommended that students complete the second-level courses of Applications of Computer Technology and Accounting, as well as Principles of Business. All courses marked with "*" denote that they are required for the Finance Completer. Students The graph below shows student enrollment at Edgewood, and its general climb since 1993[11]: Edgewood's attendance rate of over 90% is rated "high", according to the Maryland Department of Education's report card for the school. However, the graduation rate is approximately 75%, which the faculty is working diligently to improve. About 9% of the students receive special services, a number considered high by state standards.[12] Feeder system Edgewood High School is fed by one middle school within the district. In turn, Edgewood Middle School is fed by students from 6 elementary schools, as illustrated in the graphic below: Of these schools, all students from Abingdon Elementary School and Deerfield Elementary School will attend Edgewood High School, provided that they do not exercise a boundary exception, move, or transfer to a magnet program. In addition, 71% of the students from Edgewood Elementary School, 95% of the students from William Paca/Old Post Road Elementary School, and 30% of the students from William S. James Elementary School are districted to Edgewood High School. Also, approximately 1% of the students from neighboring Magnolia Elementary School will come to Edgewood, but the vast majority of students in that school attend Joppatowne High School. Athletics Edgewood makes a variety of teams available to its students. Among the sports offered are baseball, softball, football, and basketball, as well as field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, golf, volleyball, tennis, and swimming. Edgewood also sponsors cheerleading, wrestling, indoor and outdoor track, and cross country teams.[13] Edgewood's mascot is the Ram. Notable alumni Dale Midkiff - actor Johnathon Schaech - actor Dudley Bradley - NBA player Charles Bradley - NBA player References and notes ^ ^ Maryland Property database ^ HCPS: Edgewood At A Glance ^ ^ ^ ^ Harford County Public Schools - Edgewood High ^ HCPS Edline ^ Harford County Public Schools - Magnet Programs (IB) ^ All information in this section courtesy of the Edgewood High School Academy of Finance and its teachers ^ Data courtesy Maryland Department of Education ^ Data courtesy of Maryland Department of Education ^ List of athletic schedules at "ViewMySchedule" See also List of Schools in Harford County, Maryland External links Edgewood High School website [1] [2] v · d · eHarford County Public Schools Elementary schools Abingdon · Bakerfield · Bel Air · Church Creek · Churchville · Darlington · Deerfield · Dublin · Edgewood · Emmorton · Forest Hill · Forest Lakes · Fountain Green · George D. 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