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Bone: Adductor tubercle Deep muscles of the medial femoral region. (Adductor tubercle labeled at bottom right.) Front of right thigh, showing surface markings for bones, femoral artery and femoral nerve. (Adductor tubercle labeled at bottom right.) Latin tuberculum adductorium femoris Gray's subject #59 246 The medial lip of the linea aspera ends below at the summit of the medial condyle, in a small tubercle, the adductor tubercle, which affords insertion to the tendon of the vertical fibers of Adductor magnus. External links SUNY Labs 12:os-0206 Diagram at This article was originally based on an entry from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy. As such, some of the information contained within it may be outdated. v • d • e Bones of lower limbs (TA A02.5.04-18, GA 2.242-277) Femur upper extremity head (fovea) · neck · greater trochanter (trochanteric fossa) · lesser trochanter · intertrochanteric line · intertrochanteric crest · quadrate tubercle body linea aspera · gluteal tuberosity / third trochanter · pectineal line lower extremity adductor tubercle · patellar surface · epicondyles (lateral, medial) · condyles (lateral, medial) · intercondylar fossa Crus Tibia upper extremity Gerdy's tubercle · condyles (lateral, medial) · intercondylar eminence (lateral/medial intercondylar tubercle) · posterior/anterior intercondylar area body tuberosity · soleal line lower extremity medial malleolus · fibular notch Fibula head · body · lateral malleolus Other patella (apex of patella) Foot Tarsus calcaneus (sustentaculum tali, trochlear process) · talus (body, neck, head) · navicular · cuboid · cuneiform (medial, intermediate, lateral) Metatarsus 1st metatarsal · 2nd · 3rd · 4th · 5th Other phalanges of the foot M: BON/CAR anat(c/f/k/f, u, t/p, l)/phys/devp/cell noco/cong/tumr, sysi/epon, injr proc, drug(M5) This musculoskeletal system article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e