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Basidiobolaceae Scientific classification Kingdom: Fungi Order: Entomophthorales Family: Basidiobolaceae The Basidiobolaceae are a family of fungi in the order Entomophthorales.[1] See also Basidiobolus ranarum References ^ "Basidiobolaceae". Retrieved 2009-03-07.  This fungus-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e v • d • e Opisthokont: Fungi classification, fungal orders Dikarya Ascomycota saccharomyceta Pezizomycotina leotiomyceta Geoglossomycetes  · dothideomyceta (Arthoniomycetes/ Dothideomycetes) · Eurotiomycetes · Lecanoromycetes  · sordariomyceta ((Leotiomycetes (Sordariomycetes/ Laboulbeniomycetes)) · Lichinomycetes Other Orbiliomycetes · Pezizomycetes Saccharomycotina Saccharomycetes Taphrinomycotina Neolectomycetes · Pneumocystidomycetes · Schizosaccharomycetes · Taphrinomycetes Basidiomycota Pucciniomycotina · Ustilaginomycotina · Agaricomycotina · Urediniomycetes Glomeromycota Glomerales · Diversisporales · Paraglomerales · Archaeosporales Zygomycota Mucoromycotina Endogonales · Mucorales (Chaetocladiaceae, Choanephoraceae, Cunninghamellaceae, Gilbertellaceae, Mortierellaceae, Mucoraceae, Mycotyphaceae, Phycomycetaceae, Pilobolaceae, Radiomycetaceae, Saksenaeaceae, Syncephalastraceae, Thamnidiaceae, Umbelopsidaceae) · Mortierellales Entomophthoromycotina Entomophthorales (Basidiobolaceae, Ancylistaceae) Kickxellomycotina Asellariales · Kickxellales · Dimargaritales · Harpellales Zoopagomycotina Zoopagales Other Blastocladiomycota · Chytridiomycota/Neocallimastigomycota · Microsporidia M: MYC fung, clas fung drug (fung)