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"Wake Up Victor" That's So Raven episode Episode no. Season 1 Episode 4 Directed by Ken Ciezler Written by Edward C. Evans Susan Sherman Production code 119 Original air date January 17, 2003 (2003-01-17) Episode chronology ← Previous "Test of Friendship" Next → "A Fish Called Raven" "Wake Up Victor" is the 4th episode of the Disney Channel series That's So Raven. The episode was first aired on January 17, 2003, along with three other episodes, Mother Dearest, Test of Friendship and Party Animal. Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Full Recap 3 Cast 3.1 Guest Cast 4 Trivia 4.1 Notes 5 Quotes 6 Allusions 7 External links 8 References Synopsis Victor gets to be on the TV show "Wake Up San Francisco!". Raven has a vision that everything is going to go wrong. Everything does go wrong when Cory and his friend Miles accidentally hypnotize Victor into going to sleep! They all have to wake him up before his career is over. Full Recap Victor has gotten the chance to be on “Hello, San Francisco”, and do a cooking segment on it. Victor is excited about it until he panics and decides to cancel out, so Raven pretends that she’s had a vision and tells her dad that she saw him on the show and he was doing great. But when she really does have a vision about him being on the show, it’s far from great. At the same time, Cory and his new friend, Miles (Steven Anthony Lawrence from Even Stevens) from Florida have decided that they are going to win Chelsea and Raven’s love through hypnosis. They can’t hypnotize the girls, but they do hypnotize someone else - Victor. This doesn’t seem to be a problem until they realize the word that makes his go to ‘sleep’ is San Francisco, which is a word frequently used on the show, and they don’t know what the wake-up word is (Okeechobee), so even though everyone tries to think of the word that Miles used, they can only come with, quite hilarious, rhymes for it. As Eddie goes to find Miles and Chelsea stalls, Raven and Tanya realize that seeing as they can’t wake Victor up, they’re going to have to stall the segment as much as they can, but when they can’t stall any more, they have to be his assistant chefs, and portray him as The Silent Chef who lets his food do the talking. Miles comes back to the Baxters with the wake-up word, but he tells them he’s only going to tell them the wake-up word if Raven kisses him. Raven uses a fish to make Miles believe that she’s kissed him, and they wake Victor up, so he can have his first spot of cooking fame after all. Cast Guest Cast Jody Howard as Kelly Bryant Steven Anthony Lawrence as Miles Bonay Eddie Vee as Derek Tan Trivia Before Raven said, "The next thing that comes out of my dad's mouth will be the catch phrase...not that lame stuff" you could see that she forgot her line and had to think about it. Notes Jody Howard and Steven Anthony Lawrence both appeared on the Disney Channel Original Series Even Stevens. Miles picked 'Okeechobee' for the wake-up word in his hypnosis, saying it was where he was born. Okeechobee is a city in the Okeechobee County, Florida. Quotes Raven: What's that smell, is that moth balls? Miles: Yep, it's the national smell of Florida Raven: Okay, what are you looking at? Cory: Nothing...but now I am. Hello, Chelsea baby! Chelsea: Okay, Cory, you're ten; I'm fifteen. Raven: Which means she's old enough to be grossed out by you. (to Miles) And who are you? Miles: Pleased to meet you. I'm Miles Bonet. Raven: Well, aren't you the cutest little thing! I'm Raven. Cory: He just moved here from Florida. Raven: And if you go back can you please take my little brother with you? Chelsea: Raven, can we go now 'cause Cory's starting to get those driplets of drool. It's really gross. Miles: Yeah baby a little salty, but I can taste the love. (Raven winks) Tanya: Okay, the truth is my husband just accidentally got hypnotized. Kelly Bryant: (Gives her a look) Kind of...hypnotized? Tanya: Don't look at me like that girlfriend it happens. Eddie: (After seeing Victor slide down the stairs, on an ironing board) Aww man. Oh that's tight. I call next. Tanya: Okay, let's not panic. Chelsea: Can't we just panic a little? Tanya: Okay, two seconds. (Raven, Chelsea, and Tonya scream) Miles: They don't make them like this in Florida. Cory: Chelsea? Nuh-uh she's mine. Miles: No, Raven. Cory Eww, my sister? You can have her. Victor: Cory, what happened? Cory: Let's not point, but it's all Raven's fault! (points at Raven) Raven: Something bad is going to happen to my dad. Chelsea: Like saying Ka Powee?! Victor: Ka Powee! Chelsea, Eddie, Raven: Ka Powee! Eddie: Rae, I think my arm is pine-fresh now thanks! Miles: (Wants another kiss) How about one for the road? Eddie: How about just the road?! Raven: I didn't want him to be nervous! Tanya: Yeah, now he's unconscious! Victor: Yo, yo, yo! V. Baxters in the hiz-house! Raven: (After Raven pretends to be hypnotized by Miles) Oh, Miles. You big hunk of Florida sunshine! Eddie: If you need me, call me...during half-time. Cory: Hello baby, may I say you look releshing today? Chelsea: Great, can you say it on your way back to the home? Cory: What's the wake up word? Oakotobe, chokatobee, (hopefully) Obi-Wan Kenobi? Eddie: What are you two wearing? Cory: Miles' grandpa says this is how the players dress in Florida. Eddie: Looks like your grandpa played you! Chelsea: And over here we have the refrigerator. Um, when you open the door the lights goes on and when you close the door the light goes off. Or does it? Hmmm... Allusions Television show title: Wake Up, San Francisco came from the television show Full House. Danny Tanner and co-host Rebecca Donaldson are talk show hosts on Wake Up, San Francisco. Cory: "Chokatobee? Tocachobee? Obi Wan Kenobi?" Obi Wan Kenobi is a character from Star Wars and is one of the two human characters to appear in every episode of the six Star Wars movies, the other human being Anakin. External links Wake Up Victor episode info at[1] References ^ [1] v · d · eThat's So Raven Episodes Season 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" Soundtracks That's So Raven • That's So Raven Too! Video games That's So Raven: Psychic on the Scene Spin-off Cory in the House