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Eli Zeira (Hebrew: אלי זעירא‎) (born 1928) is a former Major General in the Israel Defense Forces. He was director of Aman, Israel's military intelligence, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He is most remembered for his ill-conceived prewar assessment that Egypt and Syria would not attack, despite intelligence to the contrary (also known as "The Concept").[1][2] The postwar Agranat Commission, set to investigate the reasons for the costly war, found Zeira to be negligent of his duty, and he resigned.[3] References ^ Shlaim, Avi "The Iron Wall -Israel and the Arab World." 2000. ISBN 978 o 140 28870 4. Page 319. ^ ^ Steven, Stewart, "The Spymasters of Israel." 1980, ninth printing 1988. ISBN 0 345 339274. Page 358:" [Zeira] was one of the architects of what was known as 'the concept.' Simply stated, the concept laid down first that the Arabs were not ready for an all-out war with Israel. Though they had the ability to launch a limited war, they knew perfectly well that Israel would not feel itself bound by the rules of that game, and a limited war would quickly escalate into a general one. Second, Zeira's concept laid down, if there was to be a war, it would be a short one. The third assumption was that in an overall war, the Arabs would be quickly defeated." ^ Dayan, Moshe, "Story of My Life." ISBN 0-688-03076-9. 1976. Page 606. "The commission found that Maj. Gen. Eliyahu Zeira, 'in view of his grave failure ... cannot continue in his post as chief of Military Intelligence.'" v · d · eHeads of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate Be'eri (1948–49) · Herzog (1949-50) · Gibli (1950-55) · Harkabi (1955–59) · Herzog (1959–62) · Amit (1962–63) · Yariv (1964–72) · Zeira (1972–74) · Gazit (1974–78) · Saguy (1979-83) · Barak (1983-85) · Lipkin-Shahak (1986-91) · Sagi (1991–95) · Ya'alon (1995–98) · Malka (1998–2002) · Ze'evi-Farkash (2002–06) · Yadlin (2006-2010) · Kochavi (2010-) Persondata Name Zeira, Eli Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death This biographical article related to the military of Israel is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e