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Achziv National Park beach Achziv is an archaeological site on the northern coast of Israel, 15 kilometers north of Acre. It was first settled in the Middle Canaanite (Bronze) II period by the Phoenicians. [1] In the Bible, it is described as falling within territory assigned to the tribe of Asher. An Arab village, Az-Zeeb, was established on the site during the Mamluk period. Today Achziv is a national park. Contents 1 History 2 Archaeology 3 External links 4 References History Restored building at Achziv National Park In the Bible, Achziv was a town in the Shephelah, or plain country of Judah (Josh. 15:44); probably the same as Chezibh mentioned in Genesis 38:5. Originally a Phoenician city (Ecdippa in Greek), it was assigned to the tribe of Asher (Josh. 19:29; Judg. 1:31) "And the fifth lot came out for the tribe of the children of Asher ... and the outgoings thereof are at the sea from the coast to Achzibh." Achziv (Cheziv) is mentioned in Jewish rabbinic writings, for example Midrash Vayikra Rabba 37:4. King David added the city into his Kingdom, but King Solomon returned it to Hiram as part of the famous pact. During Sancheriv invasions, the Assyrians conquered the city. During the reign of the Seleucids, the border was established at Rosh HaNikra, just north to Achziv, making it a border city and under the control of Acre. A maritime city named Cziv, nine miles north of Acre, is mentioned by Josephus Flavius, and later by Eusebius. During the Crusader period, the site was known as Casle Umberti.[2] Remnants of ancient Achziv, now known as Tel Achziv, are located on a sandstone mound between two creeks, Kziv creek on the north and Shaal creek on the south, close to the border with Lebanon. The Arab village of Az-Zeeb was established during the Mamluk and Ottoman periods, the houses erected using the stones of the Crusader castle. The villagers fled to Lebanon during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. In 1946, The Jewish Resistance Movement attempted to blow up the railroad bridge over the creek at Achziv in an operation known as Night of the Bridges. A monument to the 14 soldiers killed there was erected on the site. Archaeology Ancient grinding stones at Achziv National Park An ancient port was located on the coast, and another secondary port is located 700 m to the south. Archeological excavations have revealed that a walled city existed at the location from the Middle Bronze period. History of Achziv goes back to the Chalcolithic period (45-32C BC). External links Achziv National Park (in Hebrew) on the Israel Nature and Parks Authority website. References ^ Achziv exhibit at the Hecht Museum ^ Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem v · d · e National parks of Israel Jerusalem District Bayt 'Itab • Canada Park • Castel • City of David National Park1 • Ein Hemed • Judean Mountains • Tomb of Samuel1 North District Achziv • Bar'am National Park • Beit Alfa Synagogue • Beit She'an • Beit She'arim • Belvoir Fortress • Capernaum • Chorazin • Gan HaShlosha • Hamat Gader • Hamat Tiberias • Harod Spring • Hermon National Park1 • Horns of Hattin • Hurshat Tal • Hurvat Minia • Kursi1 • Montfort Castle • Mount Arbel • Mount Tabor • Nimrod Fortress1 • Rosh HaNikra • Sde Amudim • Sussita • Tel Hazor • Tel Kedesh • Tel Megiddo • Tzalmon Stream • Tzippori • Yehi'am Fortress • Hula Haifa District Ancient Caesarea • HaSharon Park • Mount Carmel • Tel Shikmona • Nahal Mearot Central District Alexander stream • Arsuf • Hof HaSharon • Mazor Mausoleum • Migdal Afek • Palmachim beach • Rubin Stream • Sidna Ali • Tel Afek • Tel Gezer • Tzur Natan park • Yarkon National Park Southern District Ashkelon National Park • Avdat • Besor Stream • Beit Guvrin National Park • Ein Avdat • Ein Gedi • Eshkol Park • Mamshit • Masada • Monument to the Negev Brigade • Nitzana • Semekh caves • Shivta • Tel Arad • Tel Be'er Sheva • Tel Lachish • Tel Zafit Judea and Samaria Area Emek Tzurim1 • Herodium1 • Qumran1 • Samaria1 1 Located in the Israeli-occupied territories v · d · e Crusader sites in Israel State of Israel Abu Ghosh • Achziv • Acre • Arsuf • Ashkelon • Ateret Fortress • Azor • Bayt 'Itab • Beit Guvrin • Beit She'an • Belvoir • Burgata • Caesarea • Cafarlet • Château Pèlerin • Destroit • Givat Titora • Ein Hemed • Jerusalem • Khirbat Rushmiya • Margaliot • Mi'ilya • Migdal Afek • Montfort • Qalansawe • Qaqun • Qastal • Qula • Taibe • Tel Afek • Tel Hanaton • Tel Tzafit • Tel Tzova • Tel Yavne • Tiberias • Tzippori • Umm Khalid • Yehiam Coordinates: 33°03′N 35°06′E / 33.05°N 35.1°E / 33.05; 35.1