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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2009) Transmission types Manual Sequential manual Non-synchronous Automatic Manumatic Semi-automatic Electrohydraulic Dual clutch Saxomat Zeroshift Continuously variable Bicycle gearing Derailleur gears Hub gears  v • d • e  Zeroshift or seamless-shift gearbox is a type of automotive transmission which allows for changing gear without interruption of torque to the driving roadwheels. The Zeroshift principle was invented by Bill Martin, the company Zeroshift Ltd is based in Milton Keynes, England. The Zeroshift gear system has demonstrated superior performance over the manual transmission,[citation needed] which must disengage the engine from the driving wheels to prevent drivetrain wear. An automatic transmission can waste power due to its torque converter if unlocked,[citation needed] and usually provides inferior performance compared to a manual.[citation needed] Currently the Zeroshift transmission is under development,[citation needed] and a volume production non-exclusive licence has been sold to an undisclosed global transmission manufacturer.[citation needed] The Zeroshift principle has been demonstrated on a number of the company’s development vehicles.[citation needed] It is expected that the Zeroshift transmission may be a replacement for current semi-automatic transmission.[citation needed] Contents 1 Method of operation 2 See also 3 References 4 External links // Method of operation The Zeroshift transmission is mechanically similar to a manual transmission with all parts other than the synchro's being the same.[citation needed] The Zeroshift gearbox is operated by "bullets" which engage and disengage the gears.[citation needed] Each set of gears has two bullets: a drive bullet and an overdrive bullet. Change Sequence[citation needed] Bullets engage 1st gear Bullets requested to engage 2nd gear, only the overrun bullet is free to move to engage 2nd gear 2nd bullet engages dog on 2nd gear cog in position, 1st gear bullet is held engaging drive in 1st gear under load due to retention angle on the 1st gear dog 2nd gear picks up drive 2nd gear overruns first gear 1st gear bullet disengages dog and moves to 2nd gear. See also Powershifting References External links official website Transmissions Zeroshift Transmission Technology Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Transmissions Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Transmissions Animation Animation of Zeroshift Transmission Technology Applications Zeroshift Technology Applications Demonstrations Zeroshift Transmission Technology Demonstrations Customer Projects Zeroshift Customer Projects Consultancy Zeroshift Consultancy Services News & Events Zeroshift News & Events Contact Us Contact Zeroshift Press What the press say about Zeroshift Evo Magazine - The A to Z of the futurePDF Zeroshift Sport Compact Car article Jan 2006PDF (249 KB) v • d • e Powertrain Part of the Automobile series Hybrid powertrains Hybrid vehicle drivetrain Transmission Automatic transmission • Clutch • Continuously variable transmission • Differential • Direct-Shift Gearbox • Drive shaft • Dual clutch transmission • Easytronic • Electrohydraulic manual transmission • Electrorheological clutch • Epicyclic gearing • Fluid coupling • Gear stick • Hydramatic • Limited slip differential • Locking differential • Manual transmission • Manumatic • multitronic • Parking pawl • Roto Hydramatic • Saxomat • Semi-automatic transmission • Super Turbine 300 • Torque converter • Transaxle • Transmission control unit • Turbo-Hydramatic • Universal joint • Zeroshift Suspension Anti-roll bar (sway bar) • Axle • Axle track • Beam axle • Camber angle • Car handling • Coil spring • De Dion tube • Double wishbone • Hydragas • Hydrolastic • Hydropneumatic • Independent suspension • Leaf spring • Live axle • MacPherson strut • Multi-link suspension • Panhard rod • Shock absorber • Swing axle • Toe angle • Torsion bar • Trailing arm • Unsprung mass • Watt's linkage • Wheel alignment • Wheelbase Steering Ackermann steering geometry • Caster angle • Kingpin • Oversteer • Power steering • Rack and pinion • Torque steering • Understeer Brakes Automatic Braking • Anti-lock Braking System • Brake bleeding • Brake fade • Brake fluid • Brake lining • Disc brake • Drum brake • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution • Electronic Stability Control • Engine braking • Hydraulic brake • Hydraulic fluid • Inboard brake • Parking brake • Regenerative brake • Vacuum servo Roadwheels and tires (tyres) All-terrain tyre • Alloy wheel • Bias-ply tire • Contact patch • Custom wheel • Drive wheel • Hubcap • Mud-terrain tyre • Paddle tires • Radial tire • Rostyle wheel • Run-flat tire • Schrader valve • Slick tyre • Spinner • Tire code • Tire Pressure Monitoring System • Tread • Treadwear rating • Tweel • Whitewall tire • Wire wheels Portal • Category