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For other uses, see Wipper (disambiguation). Wipper The Wipper at Hettstedt. Origin Harz Mouth Saale 51°47′14″N 11°43′6″E / 51.78722°N 11.71833°E / 51.78722; 11.71833Coordinates: 51°47′14″N 11°43′6″E / 51.78722°N 11.71833°E / 51.78722; 11.71833 Basin countries Germany Length 85 km The Wipper is a river in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, left tributary of the Saale and has a length of 85 km. The name is coming from the old German word "Uipparaha" which means "singing, springing river". Contents 1 River Course 1.1 Gewässer am Flussverlauf 1.2 Places at the River Course 1.3 Mills at River Course 2 Flooding 3 References River Course The Wipper originates in the southeastern Harz, near Harzgerode at the bottom of Auerberg mountain. The Wipper joins the Saale in Bernburg. Gewässer am Flussverlauf The following rivers are met on the way to the Saale:[1][2] Schmale Else (L) Wolfsberger Wipper (R) near Dankerode Talsperre Wippra near Wippra Horla (Bach) (R) near Wippra Schmale Wipper (L) near Wippra Hasselbach (Wipper) (R) near Wippra Brumbach (Bach) (R) near Friesdorf Sengelbach (R) in Biesenrode Dorfbach (Wipper) (L) in Biesenrode Vatteröder Teich near Vatterode Ochsenpfuhlbach (R) near Vatterode Hagenbach (Wipper) (R) near Mansfeld Talbach (Wipper) (R) near Leimbach Fuchsbach (Wipper) (R) near Großörner Stockbach (L) near Großörner Alte Wipper , also known as Regenbeck (R) near Burgörner Hadeborn (L) in Hettstedt Walbke, also known as Ölgrundbach (L) near Wiederstedt Rote Welle (Wipper) (L) near Salzkoth/ Aschersleben Eine (L) near Aschersleben Mühlgraben (Wipper) (L) near Groß Schierstedt Places at the River Course are Wippra, Friesdorf, Rammelburg, Biesenrode, Vatterode, Leimbach, Großörner, Hettstedt, Wiederstedt, Sandersleben, Freckleben, Drohndorf, Mehringen, Aschersleben, Klein Schierstedt, Groß Schierstedt, Giersleben, Warmsdorf, Güsten, Osmarsleben, Ilberstedt and Bernburg. Mills at River Course Wippermühle in Wippra (today known as Mühlencafe)[3] Kratzmühle between Friesdorf and Rammelburg, called after the first owner Nickel Kratz Herrenmühle between Friesdorf and Rammelburg, (currently a garage) it used to be a hostel for ids Klippmühle between Biesenrode and Vatterode[4]: In 1848 August Schumann bought a flour and saw mill, which was overtaken by Reinhold Schumann in 1893. When the train track for Wipperliese was established, he opened a bar and later a pub. Flooding 1994: Between 12th und 13th of April in 1994 a lot of rain was falling down in the lower Harz mountains. The maximum litre per square meter was 75. Also the Wipper was involved and the places on the banks of the river were destroyed by flooding. References Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Wipper (Saale) ^ Die Wipper - ein bedeutender Gebirgsfluss im Harz - Wippertal - Wippertalsperre (accessed 21 February 2010) ^ Daniel Wurbs: Vergleichende Untersuchungen zu den Folgewirkungen von Klima- und Landnutzungsänderungen auf den Wasserhaushalt in Flusseinzugsgebieten, 2005, S. A37. [1] accessed 16 March 2010 ^ Mühlencafe Wippra (called 21. Februar 2010) ^ Gerlinde Schlenker: Biesenrode mit Saurasen. In: Mansfelder Land - Portrait einer Kulturlandschaft, 2008, S. 279. This Saxony-Anhalt location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e