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Water voles Temporal range: Early Pleistocene - Recent Arvicola amphibius Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Cricetidae Subfamily: Arvicolinae Tribe: Arvicolini Genus: Arvicola Lacépède, 1799 Species Arvicola amphibius Arvicola sapidus Arvicola scherman Arvicola jacobeus The water voles are large voles in the genus Arvicola. They are found in both aquatic and dry habitat through Europe and much of northern Asia. A water vole found in Western North America was historically considered a member of this genus, but has been shown to be more closely related to members of the genus Microtus (Conroy and Cook, 2000; Musser and Carleton, 2005). Head and body length are 12–22 cm, tail length is 6.5–12.5 cm, and the weight is 70–250 g. The animals may exhibit indeterminate growth. They are thick-furred and have hairy fringe on feet that improves their swimming ability. Species European (or Northern) Water Vole (Arvicola amphibius or Arvicola terrestris) Southwestern (or Southern) Water Vole (Arvicola sapidus) Montane Water Vole (Arvicola scherman) References Conroy, C. J. and J. A. Cook. 2000. Molecular systematics of a Holarctic rodent (Microtus: Muridae). Journal of Mammalogy, 81:344-359. Musser, G. G. and M. D. Carleton. 2005. Superfamily Muroidea. pp. 894–1531 in Mammal Species of the World a Taxonomic and Geographic Reference. D. E. Wilson and D. M. Reeder eds. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore. Nowak, R. M. 1999. Walker's Mammals of the World, Vol. 2. Johns Hopkins University Press, London. Townsend, C., Begon, M. and Harper, J.L. 2003. Essentials of Ecology: second edition. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford. v · d · eExtant species of subfamily Arvicolinae Kingdom: Animalia · Phylum: Chordata · Class: Mammalia · Infraclass: Eutheria · Superorder: Euarchontoglires · Order: Rodentia · Family: Cricetidae Arvicolini Arvicola (Water voles) European Water Vole (A. amphibius) · Southwestern Water Vole (A. sapidus) · Montane Water Vole (A. scherman) Blanfordimys Afghan Vole (B. afghanus) · Bucharian Vole (B. bucharicus) Chionomys (Snow voles) Caucasian Snow Vole (C. gud) · European Snow Vole (C. nivalis) · Robert's Snow Vole (C. roberti) Lasiopodomys Brandt's Vole (L. brandtii) · Plateau Vole (L. fuscus) · Mandarin Vole (L. mandarinus) Lemmiscus Sagebrush Vole (L. curtatus) Microtus (Voles) Subgenus Microtus: Field Vole (M. agrestis) · Anatolian Vole (M. anatolicus) · Common Vole (M. arvalis) · Cabrera's Vole (M. cabrerae) · Doğramaci's Vole (M. dogramacii) · Günther's Vole (M. guentheri) · Tien Shan Vole (M. ilaeus) · Persian Vole (M. irani) · Southern Vole (M. levis) · Paradox Vole (M. paradoxus) · Qazvin Vole (M. qazvinensis) · Schidlovsky's Vole (M. schidlovskii) · Social Vole (M. socialis) · European Pine Vole (M. subterraneus) · Transcaspian Vole (M. transcaspicus) Subgenus Terricola: Bavarian Pine Vole (M. bavaricus) · Calabria Pine Vole (M. brachycercus) · Daghestan Pine Vole (M. daghestanicus) · Mediterranean Pine Vole (M. duodecimcostatus) · Felten's Vole (M. felteni) · Liechtenstein's Pine Vole (M. liechtensteini) · Lusitanian Pine Vole (M. lusitanicus) · Major's Pine Vole (M. majori) · Alpine Pine Vole (M. multiplex) · Savi's Pine Vole (M. savii) · Tatra Pine Vole (M. tatricus) · Thomas's Pine Vole (M. thomasi) Subgenus Mynomes: Beach Vole (M. breweri) · Gray-tailed Vole (M. canicaudus) · Montane Vole (M. montanus) · Creeping Vole (M. oregoni) · Meadow Vole (M. pennsylvanicus) · Townsend's Vole (M. townsendii) Subgenus Alexandromys: Clarke's Vole (M. clarkei) · Evorsk Vole (M. evoronensis) · Reed Vole (M. fortis) · Gerbe's Vole (M. gerbei) · Taiwan Vole (M. kikuchii) · Lacustrine Vole (M. limnophilus) · Maximowicz's Vole (M. maximowiczii) · Middendorf's Vole (M. middendorffi) · Mongolian Vole (M. mongolicus) · Japanese Grass Vole (M. montebelli) · Muisk Vole (M. mujanensis) · Tundra Vole (M. oeconomus) · Sakhalin Vole (M. sachalinensis) Subgenus Stenocranius: Narrow-headed Vole (M. gregalis) Subgenus Pitymys: Guatemalan Vole (M. guatemalensis) · Tarabundí Vole (M. oaxacensis) · Woodland Vole (M. pinetorum) · Jalapan Pine Vole (M. quasiater) Subgenus Pedomys: Prairie Vole (M. ochrogaster) Subgenus Hyrcanicola: Schelkovnikov's Pine Vole (M. schelkovnikovi) incertae sedis: Insular Vole (M. abbreviatus) · California Vole (M. californicus) · Rock Vole (M. chrotorrhinus) · Long-tailed Vole (M. longicaudus) · Mexican Vole (M. mexicanus) · Singing Vole (M. miurus) · Water Vole (M. richardsoni) · Zempoaltépec Vole (M. umbrosus) · Taiga Vole (M. xanthognathus) Neodon (Mountain voles) Juniper Vole (N. juldaschi) · Chinese Scrub Vole (N. irene) · Sikkim Mountain Vole (N. sikimensis) · Forrest's Mountain Vole (N. forresti) Phaiomys Blyth's Vole (P. leucurus) Proedromys Duke of Bedford's Vole (P. bedfordi) · P. liangshanensis Volemys Szechuan Vole (V. millicens) · Marie's Vole (V. musseri) Dicrostonychini (Collared lemmings) Dicrostonyx St. Lawrence Island Collared Lemming (D. exsul) · Northern Collared Lemming (D. groenlandicus) · Ungava Collared Lemming (D. hudsonius) · Victoria Collared Lemming (D. kilangmiutak) · Nelson's Collared Lemming (D. nelsoni) · Ogilvie Mountains Collared Lemming (D. nunatakensis) · Richardson's Collared Lemming (D. richardsoni) · Bering Collared Lemming (D. rubricatus) · Arctic Lemming (D. torquatus) · Unalaska Collared Lemming (D. unalascensis) · Wrangel Lemming (D. vinogradovi) Ellobiusini (mole voles) Ellobius (Mole voles) Alai Mole Vole (E. alaicus) · Southern Mole Vole (E. fuscocapillus) · Transcaucasian Mole Vole (E. lutescens) · Northern Mole Vole (E. talpinus) · Zaisan Mole Vole (E. tancrei) Lagurini (Steppe lemmings) Eolagurus Yellow Steppe Lemming (E. luteus) · Przewalski's Steppe Lemming (E. przewalskii) Lagurus Steppe Lemming (L. lagurus) Lemmini (Lemmings) Lemmus (True lemmings) Amur Lemming (L. amurensis) · Norway lemming (L. lemmus) · Siberian Brown Lemming (L. sibiricus) · North American Brown Lemming (L. trimucronatus) · Wrangel Island Lemming (L. portenkoi) Myopus Wood Lemming (M. schisticolor) Synaptomys (Bog lemmings) Northern Bog Lemming (S. borealis) · Southern Bog Lemming (S. cooperi) Myodini Alticola (Voles from Central Asia) Subgenus Alticola: White-tailed Mountain Vole (A. albicauda) · Silver Mountain Vole (A. argentatus) · Gobi Altai Mountain Vole (A. barakshin) · Central Kashmir Vole (A. montosa) · Royle's Mountain Vole (A. roylei) · Mongolian Silver Vole (A. semicanus) · Stolička's Mountain Vole (A. stoliczkanus) · Tuva Silver Vole (A. tuvinicus) Subgenus Aschizomys: Lemming Vole (A. lemminus) · Large-eared Vole (A. macrotis) · Lake Baikal Mountain Vole (A. olchonensis) Subgenus Platycranius: Flat-headed Vole (A. strelzowi) Caryomys Ganzu Vole (C. eva) · Kolan Vole (C. inez) Eothenomys (Voles from East Asia) Kachin Red-backed Vole (E. cachinus) · Pratt's Vole (E. chinensis) · Southwest China Vole (E. custos) · Père David's Vole (E. melanogaster) · Yunnan Red-backed Vole (E. miletus) · Chaotung Vole (E. olitor) · Yulungshan Vole (E. proditor) · Ward's Red-backed Vole (E. wardi) Hyperacrius (Voles from Pakistan) True's Vole (H. fertilis) · Murree Vole (H. wynnei) Myodes (Red-backed voles) Japanese Red-Backed Vole (M. andersoni) · Western Red-backed Vole (M. californicus) · Tien Shan Red-backed Vole (M. centralis) · Southern Red-backed Vole (M. gapperi) · Bank Vole (M. glareolus) · Imaizumi's Red-backed Vole (M. imaizumii) · Royal Vole (M. regulus) · Hokkaido Red-backed Vole (M. rex) · Grey Red-backed Vole (M. rufocanus) · Northern Red-backed Vole (M. rutilus) · Shansei Vole (M. shanseius) · Smith's Vole (M. smithii) Neofibrini Neofiber Round-tailed Muskrat (N. alleni) Ondatrini Ondatra Muskrat (O. zibethicus) Pliomyini Dinaromys Balkan Snow Vole (D. bogdanovi) Prometheomyini Prometheomys Long-clawed Mole Vole (P. schaposchnikowi) incertae sedis Arborimus (Tree voles) White-footed Vole (A. albipes) · Red Tree Vole (A. longicaudus) · California Red Tree Mouse (A. pomo) Phenacomys (Heather voles) Western Heather Vole (P. intermedius) · Eastern Heather Vole (P. ungava) This Arvicolinae article is a stub. 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