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Hyloscirtus Hyloscirtus palmeri Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibia Order: Anura Family: Hylidae Subfamily: Hylinae Genus: Hyloscirtus Peters, 1882 Species 28+ see text. Hyloscirtus is a genus of frogs in the Hylidae family. This genus was resurrected in 2005 following a major revision of the Hylidae family.[1] The distinguishing feature being 56 transformations in nuclear and mitochondrial protein and ribosomal genes. 28 species that were previously placed in the Hyla genus were moved to this genus. The fingers and toes of these frogs have wide dermal fringes. Species Binomial Name and Author Common Name Hyloscirtus albopunctulatus (Boulenger, 1882) Hyloscirtus alytolylax (Duellman, 1972) Hyloscirtus armatus (Boulenger, 1902) Hyloscirtus bogotensis Peters, 1882 Hyloscirtus callipeza (Duellman, 1989) Sardinata Treefrog Hyloscirtus caucanus (Ardila-Robayo, Ruiz-Carranza & Roa-Trujillo, 1993) Cauca Treefrog Hyloscirtus charazani (Vellard, 1970) Charazani Treefrog Hyloscirtus chlorosteus (Reynolds & Foster, 1992) Parjacti Treefrog Hyloscirtus colymba (Dunn, 1931) La Loma Treefrog Hyloscirtus denticulentus (Duellman, 1972) Charta Treefrog Hyloscirtus estevesi (Rivero, 1968) Hyloscirtus jahni (Rivero, 1961) Jahn's Treefrog Hyloscirtus larinopygion (Duellman, 1973) Cordillera Central Treefrog Hyloscirtus lascinius (Rivero, 1970) Tabor Treefrog Hyloscirtus lindae (Duellman & Altig, 1978) Linda's Treefrog Hyloscirtus lynchi (Ruiz-Carranza & Ardila-Robayo, 1991) Lynch's Colombian Treefrog Hyloscirtus pacha (Duellman & Hillis, 1990) Morona-Santiago Treefrog Hyloscirtus palmeri (Boulenger, 1908) Palmer's Treefrog Hyloscirtus pantostictus (Duellman & Berger, 1982) Rio Chingual Valley Treefrog Hyloscirtus phyllognathus (Melin, 1941) Roque Treefrog Hyloscirtus piceigularis (Ruiz-Carranza & Lynch, 1982) Rio Luisito Treefrog Hyloscirtus platydactylus (Boulenger, 1905) Merida Andes Treefrog Hyloscirtus psarolaimus (Duellman & Hillis, 1990) Papallacta Treefrog Hyloscirtus ptychodactylus (Duellman & Hillis, 1990) Pilalo Treefrog Hyloscirtus sarampiona (Ruiz-Carranza & Lynch, 1982) Western Andes Treefrog Hyloscirtus simmonsi (Duellman, 1989) Simmons' Treefrog Hyloscirtus staufferorum (Duellman & Coloma, 1993) Jondachi Treefrog Hyloscirtus tapichalaca (Kizirian, Coloma & Paredes-Recalde, 2003) Hyloscirtus torrenticola (Duellman & Altig, 1978) El Pepino Treefrog References ^ Faivovich, J.; Haddad, C.F.B.; Garcia, P.C.A.; Frost, D.R.; Campbell, J.A.; Wheeler, W.C., 2005: Systematic Review of the Frog Family Hylidae, with Special Reference to Hylinae: Phylogenetic Analysis and Taxonomic Revision. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, Num. 294, pp.1-240. [1] External links Frost, Darrel R. 2007. Amphibian Species of the World: an Online Reference. Version 5.1 (10 October 2007). Hyloscirtus. Electronic Database accessible at American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA. (Accessed: Apr 26, 2008). AmphibiaWeb: Information on amphibian biology and conservation. [web application]. 2008. Berkeley, California: Hyloscirtus. AmphibiaWeb, available at (Accessed: Apr 26, 2008). This Hylinae article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e