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Stan Taffel Born 1962 New York, United States Occupation Actor, Host Website Stan Taffel (born December 6, 1962) is an American stage and television actor, and host. Contents 1 Early Career 2 Los Angeles 3 Emmy Awards 4 Archivist 5 References Early Career Taffel appeared in a series of televised PBS specials, titled The News In Revue [1] that premiered as an off-Broadway stage show in the theater district. Taffel co-directed the show with creator Nancy Holson. This first special was nominated for five Emmy Awards, of which it won three.[2] Taffel was a founding member of the comedy improvisation troupes, Noo Yawk Tawk,[3] which debuted at the Village Gate in New York City and Speakeasy,[citation needed] at the West End Comedy Club. Others in the group included Miguel Sierra, Marc Kudisch, Debra Wilson and Richmond Shepard. He has toured doing stand up comedy from coast to coast, and provided several voices for the animated series, The Toysters.[4] Los Angeles In Los Angeles, Taffel appeared on Make Me Laugh,[5] performing stand up comedy and impersonations and was a cast member of New Jewish Cuisine, a comedic cooking show.[6] Taffel conducted archival interviews with Jane Russell,[7] Angie Dickinson, George Hamilton, Piper Laurie, Charles Lane, Don Murray,[8] [9] Joan Van Ark, Norman Lloyd,[10] and Patricia Neal among others.[11] Taffel also interviewed the surviving Munchkins from the MGM film, The Wizard Of Oz, at Grauman's Chinese Theater to commemorate their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.[12] Taffel is the vice president of Cinecon, a motion picture festival held annually in Los Angeles,[13] and will be hosting the documentary, Gable: The Ties That Bind, for Tegan Summer Productions.[14] [15] Emmy Awards Taffel won three consecutive Emmy Awards in 1993, 1994 and 1995 for his performances in The News In Revue.[16] [17] Archivist In the profession of film archiving, Taffel's personal collection contains almost 1,500 prints of rare motion pictures and television shows, many of which are the only surviving copies. He has provided film clips and other information to documentaries including Buster Keaton: A Hard Act To Follow, The Tramp and The Dictator, Laurel & Hardy: Their Lives and Magic.[18] References ^ "The New York Times". Retrieved 2011-04-07.  ^ "Stan Taffel IMDB". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Broadway World". Broadway Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "KidScreen". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Stan Taffel IMDB". Retrieved 2011-04-07.  ^ "New Jewish Cuisine". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Jane Russell". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Don Murray Interview". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Everlasting Star". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Stan Taffel Official Website". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Celebrity Interviews Listed". Sag Foundation. Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Los Angeles Times".,0,4380879.story. Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Cinecon Film Festival". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Gable: The Ties That Bind - Host". Clark Gable blogspot. Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Gable: The Ties That Bind". Clark Gable blogspot. Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "Stan Taffel IMDB". Retrieved 2011-04-06.  ^ "19th Annual Emmy Awards". Retrieved 2011-04-07.  ^ "Stan Taffel IMDB". Retrieved 2011-04-06.