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Gospel Broadcasting Network Type Religious Broadcasting Country United States of America Availability National Official Website The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) is a Christian satellite broadcast network, which transmits from a KU-Band Satellite (AMC-6), C-band Satellite (Echostar 9 / Galaxy 23), simulcasts over the Internet over, and over the air. The network broadcasts a full schedule of Christian teaching, preaching and a cappella music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This Gospel network was spawned by an idea among several men: Barry Gilreath Sr, Jim Dearman, and the elders of the Highland Church of Christ, along with many others. Programs include "In Search of the Lord's Way" with Mack Lyon, "The International Gospel Hour" with David Sain, and the live-action children's program "Digger Doug's Underground" produced by Apologetics Press, among other programs that teach the gospel. GBN celebrated their first anniversary during the Thanksgiving Weekend 2006. Contents 1 Support of the network 2 Over the air stations 3 Featured programs 4 Newsletter GoodNews 5 Special broadcasts 6 Notes 7 Sources 8 See also // Support of the network GBN is unique in the world of religious programming as its support comes entirely from contributions made by individual members and congregations within the Churches of Christ. The network does not solicit contributions on the air (thus there are no 'pledge' times or pleas for money). In fact, several of the network's personalities have stated that " will never hear a plea for money on this network." The network is under the oversight of the elders of the Highland Church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia. The GBN headquarters are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee although some of the taping occurs in studios located in Pulaski, Tennessee and Memphis, Tennessee as well as Montgomery, Alabama. A drive by supporters of GBN has been on-going to get cable and satellite companies to add GBN to their lineups. As of July 2008, eleven cable companies in 5 states broadcast the network over their systems. Viewers are able to access the network through Ku-band satellite dishes, and a company in Georgia is offering satellite receivers and equipment that will pick up the network. GBN broadcasts one hour of programming per day on Direct TV channel 323 and Dish Network Channel 9407 & 9396. Over the air stations W29DM (WAXO)-Lewisburg, Tennessee WJHJ-LP-Tidewater, Virginia WSKY-LD-21.3-Summerville, Georgia WPSJ-8.3-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Featured programs GBN produces a daily hour-long program hosted by Jim Dearman titled "Good News Today". "Good News Today" incorporates both unique content as well as portions of other programs that appear on GBN. Good News Today airs on DirecTV (channel 323 at 8 AM Eastern on Thursdays & Sundays), DISH Network (channel 9407 or 9396 at noon Eastern on Thursdays & Sundays), as well as on WPXX in Memphis, TN (MyTV-50 at noon on Saturday) and WUXP in Nashville, TN (MyTV-30 at 7:30 AM on Sunday). Newsletter GoodNews GBN sends out a quarterly newsletter for the network called GoodNews which covers events, news and contributions made. A complete lineup for each week, Monday–Friday, is included in the centerfold. An included envelope allows the reader to send a gift for the continuing upkeep of the network. The free newsletter is sent upon request to supporters and members of the churches of Christ, or it can be downloaded from their website. Special broadcasts GBN broadcast a celebration of the Hardeman Tabernacle Sermons held at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee from July 1-3, 2007. The original Tabernacle Sermons, which were held in 1922, 1923, 1928 & 1945, were gospel meetings staged by Nashville Area churches of Christ. The broadcasts were called the "Tabernacle Sermons Today". The event featured speakers Tom Holland, Garland Elkins, Winford Claiborne, James Watkins, B.J. Clarke and Jim Dearman. David Hayes Prophater served as the announcer and Jeff Scott led the audience in a cappella singing. Notes The January 2007 (IV) Issue of GoodNews reported that the two jails within the Dallas County, Alabama Sheriff's Department will broadcast GBN 17 hours a day (where deputies would like access during down-time 24/7). Sources GoodNews Newsletters, Issues 2–4, Gospel Broadcasting Network See also N.B. Hardeman Restoration Movement v · d · eRestoration Movement Early Leaders Alexander Campbell · Thomas Campbell · Tolbert Fanning · Benjamin Franklin · Marshall Keeble · David Lipscomb · William Lipscomb• Charles J. 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