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Mangowal Gharbi منگوال غربی Mangowal Gharbi Coordinates: 32°29′40″N 73°53′32″E / 32.494479°N 73.892230°E / 32.494479; 73.892230 Country  Pakistan Province Punjab District Gujrat Time zone PST (UTC+5) Calling code 053 Union council No 14 Mangowal Gharbi (منگوال غربی), or Mangowal West in English, is a Town and Union Council headquarter in Gujrat District in Punjab province, Pakistan.[1] Its population is about 30,000. Contents 1 History 2 People 3 Education 3.1 Government Sector Institutions; 3.2 Privately managed schools with high enrolement & standard 4 Serving Menkind 5 References History Mangowal west is situated 19 kilometer away from Gujrat towards west on sargodha road. Historically, this village and the surrounding villages, such as Goleki, Dinga, Chakrian, Ladha, and Ishra were named after influential Sikh Sardars. Mangowal Gharbi is a business hub for surrounding villages due to its location as Gujrat Sarghoda Highway passes through the town. MUSLIM HISTORY BACKGROUND The famous Sufi saint Shah Sharif came here in 17th century. The preaching Muslim Sufi and saint Syed Hafiz Abdul Rahim Shah(Rahma-tul-alaih ) started preaching Islam among the ancient Sikh & Hindu communities of the area and people started converting to Islam. His followers and descendants were appointed to different towns and cities such as, Moin-ud-D-Pur , Madina Sayyedan, Saroki, in the east and all the way to Miana gondal, Bar Moosa, Mandi Baha-ud-Din, in the west, to convey the message of Islam and the whole region started embracing Islam. ARIAN HINDU /SIKH CULTURAL BACKGROUND. Mangowal,Kunjah ,Jokalian and Dinga were prominent in the Old Hindu & Sikh culture. Mangowal had got valuable historical and spirtially esteemed buildings of the ancient community.More than five Manders, an Ashnaan Ghaat(Swimming cum bathing pool) with Mander and a huge idol-worship place named as ..Baamda.. were present here.Moreover two great Guest Houses(Janj-Ghar) and a community center are still present ( Matrooka-waqf-amlaak Board care for nothing).More than 7 common water wells were present along with 2 hammams each attached to every well for bathing purpose but most of the antiques, depicted here, are not available for the new generation because those are demolished, deformed ,captivated or used for individual cause,. People Generally people here, are hard working and now working all over the world . Most of the population belongs to the Kashmiris,Arayin,Sayyed, Jat/Warraich, Rehmani, and Mirza tribes. Mian Brothers (Originally Malik Awan( Mian Muhammad Taj Muazzam and Mian Noor Muazzam)have contributed a lot for the modernization of this town. A variety of People is inhabiting here .Round about half of the population migrated from India after the partition of the Subcontinent in 1947. The people are known as Muhajer (mean Migrators). Who left their property in India to seek freedom and willful Islamic culture. Due to accelerated economic standards of the town, enormous communication, attractive housing schemes launching and growing day by day, a huge population has permanently been moved in here from the suburbs.Mangowal is now a shopping preferred place for the area as dozens of Plaza have been growing here with hundreds of shops and thousands of customers. ά== Famous Personalities of Mangowal == There is variety of people who served here (or still serving) for the betterment of community. Some of them are listed here Ch. Bahawal Bukhash (Late), MLA (Village Economic chart shows no progress) Ch.Muhammad Ikram, Member Zila Council(Village Economic chart shows δ progress) Ch. Aitezaz Ehsan MPA (Village Economic chart shows no progress) Mian Noor Muazzam & Mian Taj Muazzam (Donated Land (5 Million current value)to schools , Ex.Chairman U.C.) Ch.Ali Akbar (Donated Land (4 Million current value)this information is not correct,verify from revnue dept.The land donated to schools,hospitals, was shared by all land owning families. CH Ijaz Hussain Warraich Adv.(late) Ex.Chairman U.C.)(Village Economic chart shows progress with people projects completion of 01 million) Sir Khadim Hussain Tahir (Principal Boys High School, Mangowal gharbi.)(Village Economic chart shows progress with people projects completion of 12 million) Amjad Iqbal Butt Ex-Chairman ,(Progress ratio +0.03). Syed Iftekhar Hussain Shah Ex.Nazim ,(Progress ratio of +01.15 Million. Ch.Arfan Akbar Ex-Nazim Mangowal ,(Progress ratio of +22.03 Million. (Kindy enter name/s with economic ratio/preference)The entire amount can be calculated as cost of road constr on his property for its value addition. A.R Dr Sabiha Ahmad ex DG Health contributed in estb of Family Health unit. Education Government Sector Institutions; Govt.High School Mangowal Gharbi.(More than 1200 Students) Govt.Girls High School Mangowal Gharbi. ( Near 1300 students) Govt. Boys Degree College Mangowal. (likely to start in 2011 ,September. Privately managed schools with high enrolement & standard Minhaj-ul-Qurran Model school ( Ghazali Model School Kuwaiti play way nursery and school. Serving Menkind The Craftsmen of the town have a great sense of serving, creating and entertaining. The quality of mangowal wood works( furniture) is outstanding. Old ages Mud-Crafts industry is still active and creating various house hold mud utensils in the town which are regularly exported to the various parts of the country. Super kernel Basmatii Rice Quality is abundantly produced by the industrious farmers here and processed in modern processing units (More than 16 Rice processor units)and frequently exported all over the world to fetch the golden currency exchange for the prosperity of this country. ACCELRATED DEVELOPEMENT ERA; Town & surrounding area has rapidly grown since 2001 up to 2007 during District Government of Gujrat under Ch.Shafaat Hussain of PML(Q).A high profile motorway,Water supply,Maternity Hospital,Basic Health Unit,Revamping of roads,streets and ways,provision of Gas are valuable services for Illaqa Mangowal. The provision of gas was approved by Governor Lt Gen Khalid Maqbool much before election of Ch Shafat Hussain,because of efforts of Ch Ikram.The person managing the lnformation is requested to consult relevant records before listing. References ^ Tehsils & Unions in the District of Gujrat - Government of Pakistan