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This article's factual accuracy is disputed. Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page. (November 2007) Ontario Provincial Highway 3 Queensway Route information Maintained by the Government of Ontario Length: 5.0 km (3.1 mi) Major junctions West end: Quarter Line Road East end: Ireland Side Road Location Counties: Norfolk County Major cities: Simcoe The Queensway is a street that is considered to be the legal name of Ontario Highway 3 within the community of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. Limits for the Queensway are considered to be the Quarter Line Road (westernmost) and the Ireland Side Road (easternmost). This street is most friendly to privately owned vehicles causing massive levels of automobile-related pollution on an annual basis that is causing climate change . Construction was underway to increase the amount of land dedicated to sidewalks along the eastern portion of the Queensway as of the summer of 2008.[1] However, this alone would not decrease the level of carbon dioxide spread from cars because only local people will use the sidewalks. Only a mass transit program is capable of reducing the level of greenhouse gases that are released from cars and trucks using the Queensway. While it has been suggested in the past, there has been no sign of a county-wide mass transit program being implemented yet. The total distance from the westernmost point of Queensway West and the easternmost point of Queensway East is approximately 5 kilometers. As a pivotal road for the community of Simcoe, the Queensway intersects with many town and country roads between the Quarter Line Road terminus and Ireland Side Road terminus. A soccer field that was used prior to the opening of Norfolk County Youth Soccer Park in Hillcrest and a defunct baseball field (located next door from the local Dairy Queen) used for little league baseball games were proud examples of youth-oriented sporting fields located within a brief driving distance from their respective intersections. Contents 1 Economic strength 1.1 National chain restaurants 1.2 Wal-Mart and other big box stores 1.3 Car dealerships 1.4 Independent businesses 2 Evolution 2.1 The 1990s and the 2000s 2.2 The 2000s and the 2010s 2.3 Zoning 3 The effects on conservative downtown merchants 4 References // Economic strength National chain restaurants The Queensway is home to the following national chain restaurants: Boston Pizza, Kelsey's, Harvey's/Swiss Chalet, Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Fast Eddie's, Subway, Pizza Hut, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, and A&W. Arby's was considered to be another national chain which competed on the Queensway for 20 years. However, it was closed because the current owner did not want to renew his contract with Arby's. The current signage has remained in place; suggesting that Arby's is looking for another franchise for the spot. Dairy Queen was established on the Queensway in 1971. They offer ice cream, frozen novelties, and ice cream cakes on a seasonal basis.[2] Burger King was once found on the Queensway but was replaced by Wendy's in the year 1991.[3] There has been no plans by Burger King to re-establish themselves either on the Queensway or elsewhere in Simcoe. While most restaurants are accessible almost solely by automobile, the Wendy's is frequently patronized by the students of Simcoe Composite School due to its close walking distance. Wal-Mart and other big box stores A Wal-Mart spanning 110,000 square feet (2.5 acres) was officially opened on January 24, 2008;[4] it has been proven that the day-to-day operations for the next 12 months has assisted development in Simcoe and Norfolk County. Canadian Tire has had the longest presence of any national franchises on the Queensway. Shoppers Drug Mart opened a franchise on the corner of the Queensway and Hwy 24 in 2007.[5] There was construction of a Staples Business Depot underway that was finally completed near the end of August 2008 resulting in the grand opening on September 13, 2008. However, Staples had to temporarily close due to worries that the structure might not be able to stand up to a heavy snowfall. The structure maintenance was eventually completed successfully by early December.[6] A local franchise of the Metro (formerly A & P) supermarket chain is located here that was open from 1949 to September 24, 2010. Metro decided to close their Simcoe branch of operations because they were losing money to budget grocery store Food Basics that is located on the west end of Simcoe. Food Basics has earned an income of more than $100000/day (from the time of their grand opening) in the town of Simcoe while Metro is lucky to earn $100000/week as a source of income (ever since Food Basics opened in Simcoe back in 2003). There is also a Real Canadian Superstore that operates on principles similar to Wal-Mart (but with a full-blown community center, health clinic, and a DVD rental kiosk). Since the mid 1990s, Blockbuster Video has offered rented movies and video games from various video game consoles to their members. Reitmans was planning a move from the Simcoe Town Center mall to the Queensway sometime around early 2009 until the economic slowdown delayed their plan to move out of their current store at 150 West Street. Car dealerships There is one Dodge/Chrysler dealership, two Chevrolet/GM/Pontiac dealerships, and a Ford/Lincoln dealership for those who are interested in domestic vehicles. Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai dealerships are also located on the Queensway. However, Toyota has been the victim of a mass recall on most of their vehicles.[7] All of these dealerships sell either used and/or new cars that range from compact vehicles to SUVs; prices range from budget to luxury. The Simcoe Reformer reported back in the spring of 2008 that SUV and truck sales were still high in the area because of its rural background despite the high gas prices. Gas prices dropped significantly since the beginning of the worldwide recession but have since risen up again to almost the big numbers seen in summer of 2008. The reasons behind the rise in gas prices could be related to peak oil, an increased number of fossil fuel-dependent vehicles using the limited gas supply, and the oil companies trying to increase their stocks further with higher prices at the pump. However, it cannot be traced back to the airlines or to any of the NASCAR divisions because they use a different kind of fuel than a normal passenger vehicle. Independent businesses Various local merchants and national franchised businesses have dealt with bookselling, providing travel agent services, video game sales and rental (Gorilla Gamez), and other services of necessity and luxury. These types of businesses are either currently functioning on the Queensway or functioned on the Queensway during its existence. An animal hospital is located on the western part of the Queensway called the Queensway Animal Hospital. Eli's Guns moved in 2008 from a downtown location to the Queensway,[8] across from the recently built TSC store to take advantage of the area. Roulston's had a short-lived business venture on the Queensway before re-allocating their resources to their downtown store. Inside of the Real Canadian Superstore, there is a community center along with a medical clinic. Evolution The 1990s and the 2000s Economic growth for the Queensway has not always been welcomed by council members and local downtown businesses looking to protect their enterprises. From the early 1990s to the year 2007, the Queensway has undertaken an evolutionary process of development with the support of the former municipal council in Simcoe and the current Norfolk County council. During the summer of 1998, laser tag was added to the east end of Simcoe near the Simcoe airport as a way to get adult laser tag leagues and teenagers looking for extra entertainment value. Unfortunately, the venture failed and the site laid abandoned for years. This laser tag alley also had a row of video arcade games near the registration section in order to entice people who were into video games but not really into laser tag. All parts of Norfolk County reached a state of economic stagnation with the decline in the tobacco industry; this problem has also affected the rest of the Ontario tobacco belt including Tillsonburg.[9] The county's currently adopted Official Plan (OP) will assist the entire county with economic development. This official plan process was started in January 2001, with the amalgamation of the lower tier municipalities into one upper level called Norfolk County. This plan was adopted by the members of the Norfolk County council and was lead by the OP Steering Committee. The 2000s and the 2010s Between late 2006 and late 2008, economic progress caused the Queensway to prosper with business and construction. However, layoffs in all sectors of the economy between early 2009 and mid 2009 has caused the Queensway to stagnate again. Although crude oil had reached a low point of less than $74, the price of oil is rising again at a stable rate.[10] Unstable economic activity have caused skyrocketing prices in corn, wheat, and other crops needing relatively long frost-free growing schedule along with an unstable weather pattern. These high prices have forced an increasingly unemployed population to look for relief from either Caring Cupboard or through weekly sales. High-paying jobs in manufacturing will have to be restored in places like Windsor and Oshawa in order for true prosperity to return once more. People need jobs in construction and trucking in order for new buildings to be built that will supply the light industrial and commercial jobs (mostly part-time with some full-time) that the Queensway is zoned for. The rural mass transit program has been put on halt indefinitely along with other developments in or around the Queensway. Political indecisiveness on behalf of both Haldimand and Norfolk County's municipal councils have also prevented the rural mass transit system from being inaugurated at an appropriate pace. Both the handicapped people and the elderly still do not have the way to access the Queensway independently; they must rely on relatives or expensive taxi services to move around. While the air has become cleaner in the last 10 years (causing people to live 4.8 months longer on average),[11] increasing levels of greenhouse gases from automobiles will offset the balance caused by the overall cooling of the Earth's atmosphere in 2011.[11] A municipal election was set for October 25, 2010 with incumbent mayor Dennis Travale being re-elected until 2014. Zoning While some units intended for housing individuals and family units remain either on or near the street, the area has been zoned mostly commercial with little residential or industrial since the 1990s. New housing, however, is being constructed on the western fringe of the Queensway at the site where the old Norview Manor was closed and demolished (Norview Manor was eventually rebuilt and opened a year later as a larger building further away from the Queensway). Located just minutes from the Queensway is Simcoe's infamous Arthur Street which has housing provided by the Haldimand-Norfolk Housing Corporation. Arthur Street is a low-income cul-de-sac with frequent presence from the Ontario Provincial Police. Local residents consider it having the same notoriety as Toronto's Jane and Finch or New York City's Harlem neighborhood during the early 1960s. Problems dealt with by the Ontario Provincial Police in the Arthur Street area include the possession of marijuana, the possession of cocaine, loud music, and mental illnesses like schizophrenia. While it was once a respectable "retirement neighborhood" for seniors back in the 1970s and 1980s, people on Ontario Works started to move in during the 1990s and the early 2000s bringing in illegal drugs and the frequent police presence that it enjoys today. Another development has been zoned on the east side, beside the Zellers/Real Canadian Superstore area. Close to the Queensway on secondary roads and on Norfolk Street (legally known as Ontario Provincial Highway 24 outside the town limits of Simcoe), industrial buildings like factories and manufacturing plants can be easily driven to. Henry H. Misner Ltd., a historic fishing company, constructed a fish factory that will process the fish after being caught in Lake Erie.[12] This factory started operation in the fall of 2007 and is expected to replace the antiquated fish plant in Port Dover. The effects on conservative downtown merchants The downtown core houses locally owned versions of Leon's, The Bargain Shop, Circuit City, Home Hardware and other stores. While these stores change their names occasionally, many are still run by the same families that came to Simcoe more than 100 years ago. Pizza Pizza, being opened in the year 2007[13] is considered to be one of the most recent additions to the conservative downtown shopping area. The Queensway has benefited from past decision makers whose vision is now being seen. The downtown streets have been recently renovated to improve the aesthetics of the area. The lack of parking makes the downtown a difficult prospect for the aging demographics of the area in addition to young families with children. Oftentimes, five or six vehicles can crowd a downtown road; forcing passengers to move quickly across the road. This also concentrates the air pollution caused by automobiles throughout the downtown core. As a result, this further aggravating the global warming problem even more. Two major parking areas by the downtown are more than a block away from the main stores, making it nearly impossible for anyone to "run in" to a downtown store for a quick purchase. Downtown stores also generally close at 5:30 - 6pm, whereas the outlying stores on the Queensway stay open until 9pm (Real Canadian Superstore & Zellers), 10pm (Metro & Wal-Mart), or midnight (Shopper's Drug Mart). These placed tend to cater to the shift worker (now re-emerging since the Stelco Lake Erie Works re-opened) and young family demographics (parents who are under 36 years of age); providing them a level of service that daytime people would receive in a traditional downtown district. References ^ The Simcoe Reformer - July 30, 2008 ^ "Dairy Queen Opening Year". Simcoe (Norfolk County) Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved 2008-10-22.  ^ "Wendy's (Simcoe, Ontario) Opening". Simcoe (Norfolk County) Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved 2008-10-22.  ^ "Wal-Mart (Simcoe, Ontario) Completion". Vicano Construction Limited. Retrieved 2008-10-22.  ^ "Shoppers Drug Mart Opening". Simcoe (Norfolk County) Chamber of Commerce. Retrieved 2008-10-22.  ^ The Simcoe Reformer - December 2, 2008 ^ Toyota issues mass recall - Parkers ^ Eli's Guns and Archery ^ Perkel, Colin (2008-08-01). "Ontario tobacco buy-out". The Toronto Star. Retrieved 2010-11-01.  ^ UPI Business News - February 12, 2010 ^ a b Canadian Farmer's Almanac - 2010 ^ The Simcoe Reformer - August 16, 2007 ^ "Pizza Pizza Opening". Simcoe (Norfolk County) Chamber of Commerce. 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