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Prince Wilhelm Duke of Urach Reign 28 March 1867 - 17 July 1869 (&00000000000000020000002 years, &0000000000000111000000111 days) Spouse Théodolinde de Beauharnais Princess Florestine of Monaco Issue Princess Augusta Eugenie Princess Marie Josephine Princess Eugenia Amalie Princess Mathilde Mindaugas II of Lithuania Prince Karl Father Duke Wilhelm of Württemberg Mother Baroness Wilhelmine von Tunderfeldt-Rhodis Born 6 July 1810(1810-07-06) Died 17 July 1869(1869-07-17) (aged 59) Count Friedrich Wilhelm Alexander Ferdinand of Württemberg, 1st Duke of Urach (Stuttgart, 6 July 1810 – Schloss Lichtenstein, 17 July 1869), was the son of Duke Wilhelm of Württemberg (1761–1830), younger brother of King Frederick I of Württemberg, by his morganatic wife, Baroness Wilhelmine von Tunderfeldt-Rhodis (1777–1822), who had married in 1800.[1] He was created Duke of Urach on 28 March 1867, with the style of Serene Highness.[2] Contents 1 Career 2 Marriages 3 Ancestry 4 Notes 5 External links Career Wilhelm served as a cavalry officer in the army of the then-independent Kingdom of Württemberg. He also tested cannon for the Army of Württemberg, some of which can still be seen at Lichtenstein Castle, which he substantially rebuilt in the 1840s. He was inspired by the romantic historical novel Lichtenstein by Wilhelm Hauff (1826). Hauff was in turn inspired by the works of Walter Scott. A junior member of the local royal family, Wilhelm was a nephew of King Frederick (d. 1816), and was a first cousin of William I of Württemberg (ruled 1816 - 1864). Marriages On 8 February 1841, Duke Wilhelm married Princess Theodelinda de Beauharnais (1814–1857), the daughter of Eugène de Beauharnais, Duke of Leuchtenberg. To contract the marriage he converted to Roman Catholicism. Four daughters were born from this marriage: Princess Augusta Eugenie of Urach (1842–1916). Married firstly Count Rudolf von Enzenberg zum Freyen und Jochelsthurn (1835–1874); secondly Count Franz von Thun und Hohenstein (1826–1888) Princess Marie Josephine of Urach (1844–1864) Princess Eugenia Amalie of Urach (1848–1867) Princess Mathilde of Urach (1854–1907); married Paolo Altieri, Prince of Viano. On 15 February 1863 in Monaco, he married Florestine Gabrielle Antoinette Grimaldi, Princess of Monaco (Fontenay, 2 October/22 October 1833 - Stuttgart, 4 April/24 April 1897) , daughter of Florestan I, Prince of Monaco, and they had two sons: Wilhelm, 2nd Duke of Urach (1864–1929), later King Mindaugas II of Lithuania. Prince Karl of Urach (15 February 1865 - 5 December 1925). An unexpected outcome of this marriage was the Monaco Succession Crisis of 1918. Ancestry Wilhelm's paternal grandfather was Friedrich II Eugen (1732–97), from whom the former ruling family of the Kingdom of Württemberg was descended. Wilhelm's maternal ancestry came from Finland.[3] Notes ^ Wilhelmine's family tree ^ French webpage with image ^ His maternal ancestry External links Ducal House of Urach Ducal House of Leuchtenberg Princely House of Monaco Preceded by New title Duke of Urach Succeeded by Wilhelm Persondata Name Wilhelm 01 Of Urach, Duke Alternative names Short description Date of birth 6 July 1810 Place of birth Date of death 17 July 1869 Place of death