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General Sava Grujić (1840–1913) was Serbian soldier, statesman and diplomat. Biography He was born 25 November 1840 in the village of Kolari, in Smederevo. He enrolled in Military Academy (military high school) in 1856. and stayed there until 1861, when he went to Prussia for Military studies where he remained until 1863. From Prussia, in 1864 he moved to Russia where he again enrolled in a military academy. Grujić remained there until 1870. In 1876 he was promoted to Colonel and became a General in 1887. On 4 November 1876 he was made Minister of Defense of Serbia and kept that position until 1 October 1878. He then became a diplomatic agent of Serbia in Bulgaria in 1879 and in 1882 he was made Serbian deputy in Athens, Greece. Later, in 1885, he became the Serbian representative to the Russian Empire in St. Petersburg. He was re-appointed Minister of the Army from 3 June to 19 December 1887, when he became Prime Minister of Serbia and held the office until 14 April 1888. From 23 February 1889 until 11 February 1891 he was also Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Prime Minister at the same time. From 16 March 1890 to 11 February 1891 he was again Minister of Defense and then a Serbian deputy in Constantinople from 1891 to 1893. Then again he performed several functions at the same time: he was President of the Government, the Minister and the military representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 23 November 1893 to 12 January 1894. He became President of the Council of State in June 1903 and Prime Minister of Serbia on 21 September 1903. He remained in that office until 27 November 1904. Once again he was then Prime Minister and Minister of the Military from 1 March to 17 April 1906 and also President of the Council of State from 1906 to 1910. Grujić participated in the Serbian-Turkish wars between 1876 and 1878, he is the author of numerous debates on the history of wars and diplomacy. He died in Belgrade on 25 November 1913. See also List of Prime Ministers of Serbia External links Biography online SASA Persondata Name Grujic, Sava Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1840 Place of birth Date of death 1913 Place of death This Serbian biographical article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e