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MilMo Developer(s) Junebud Publisher(s) Junebud, Mentez Engine Unity3D Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac Release date(s) December 22, 2009 Genre(s) Massively multiplayer online adventure game Mode(s) Multiplayer Media/distribution Digital Distribution MilMo is a browser 3D MMO video game with platformer, RPG and action adventure gameplay. MilMo is developed by the Swedish game company Junebud. The game is Free-to-play and uses the Unity3D engine to enable modern 3D graphics in all major web browsers on Windows and Mac OSX.[1] MilMo is currently available in English on Facebook, Friendster and, and in Brazilian Portuguese on Orkut and[2] References ^ ^ External links MilMo game portal (International) MilMo game portal (Brazilian) Junebud AB website